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Imi has become a very close friend of mine these past few months so it seemed only natural that I’d eventually be browsing her bookshelves, she blogs over atΒ Imi Reviews Books and is shortlisted for a UKYABA Award too! I am so so proud of her and think she deserves all kinds of support.

Anyway, I’m very excited to have Imi’s bookshelves on my blog today given that I’ve also seen them in person and I can honestly say I am in love. They’re goals. You can read her post browsing my shelves here.

Want to know how to take part?

We’ll share photographs of our (main) bookshelves with each other so the other person can “browse” them and pick out books they’d recommend, books they suggest to avoid, or books they’d love to read.

I’ve loved doing this and can’t wait to do more but please contact via Twitter DMs or emails. I do have a list of these ready so do anticipate it being a post to schedule for the future if you reach out. Unfortunately if you only reply to a tweet I’m more likely to lose it in the notifications, which I know has happened and I’m trying my best to go and find them…
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Imi’s Bookshelves

I opted to not include one of the photographs given that it was the shelf that had a whole lot of book on that I’ve already spoken about a bunch so here is the remaining shelves. Imi’s collection is fab + in the post I linked at the start of this post you can see every book catalogued (wow we stan an organised queen).

I’ll use these emoji’s as a code:
πŸ“š – books to add to my tbr | πŸ“– – read and recommend | πŸ’” – do not recommend
πŸ“– PROUD by Juno Dawson [purchase]
Okay I’m fibbing slightly when I say I’ve read this book. I haven’t. I’ve read 1 of the short stories in it and I adored it so much. In such a small amount of pages I was whisked away into a fantasy world enjoying some good queer romance. Please read this collection ty.

πŸ“š The Cold is in her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale [purchase] & Rebellion by Josephine Boyce [purchase]
The Cold is in her Bones definitely sounds like my cup of tea and I’m also fairly (90%) sure that I have it from NetGalley. Add this to your TBR because it looks great.

Of course I have to give an honourable mention to Rebellion given that I found out I have a picture of Imi holding these books back in 2017. When I say YALC 2017 was a blur, I mean it, because she spoke to me a whole bunch about these books and I only realised whilst writing this post.

πŸ“š Tithe Series by Holly Black [purchase] &Β  A Long Way to a Short, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers [purchase]
I’m so excited to read the Tithe series soon (it’s getting a rerelease bound up edition). It’ll be a top priority of mine at that point.

I only recently added A Long Way to my wishlist but I’m already 60~ pages in and I love it?! We blame Imi for this purchase 100%. It’s also (hi early announcement) the winning book for the June read-along with Books and Tea.
πŸ“–A Darker Shade of Magic, A Gathering of Shadows, The Near Witch, This Savage Song, andThe Steel Princeby V.E. Schwab [purchase]
Okay so it’s a surprise to no one when I say I love Schwab’s writing I’ve mentioned it a lot but I had to list those I have read for the second half of this shelf to make any sense. Anyway if these books aren’t on the top of your TBR we can’t be friends you should correct that.

πŸ“š Every other book by V.E. Schwab [purchase] & Every book by Samantha Shannon [purchase]
Okay so unfortunately I am a mess and do need to correct myself because I’ve still got a lot of Schwab’s books to read but what is even worse (and a huge disappointment to Imi) is that I’ve never finished a Samantha Shannon book.

If I haven’t rectified this by the end of the year we can definitely label me as The Worst.

I am “currently reading” Priory, along with 8 other books though. I’m in a weird slumpy trying to finish everything in sight. But realistically I need to focus on one and Get It Done.threeπŸ“– Empress of all Seasons by Emiko Jean [purchase]
I don’t think I’ve spoke about this book in a while but I really enjoyed this and think its a fab asian fantasy that y’all need to read. The male characters were a little annoying at times but Mari’s story is great.

πŸ“š Furyborn by Claire Legrand [purchase], The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty [purchase], & The Declaration by Gemma Malley [purchase]
I’m still annoyed at myself that I haven’t read Furyborn given how much I loved Sawkill Girls (I recently yolo-purchased a second copy for a friend)!

The City of Brass is something I’ve heard wonderful things about but for some reason I don’t even own a copy yet. I really need to add this to my shelves for sure.

Lastly, The Declaration! I never see this mentioned, ever. I own a copy of this but I’ve never read it and this reminded me I really should.


Yay! I did it, I really had fun with this post. I also have 2 other Imi themed posts planned?! Wild huh. So you’ll get to see her on the blog a little more. I’m very sleepy and want to thank y’all for browsing the bookshelves with me.

Did I skip over any of your favourite books?

Which of these books would you recommend?
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13 thoughts on “Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Imi @ Imi Reviews Books”

  1. Imi has so lovely shelves!

    *whispers* I also haven’t read a Samantha Shannon book…. πŸ™ˆ

  2. Love seeing all the Schwab books! I have not read nearly enough from that author, but I have plans to this summer, along with the thousands of other books I plan on reading.

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