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Announcing Blogs & Tea | Online blogger help group

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Introducing Blogs&Tea | An expansion of Books&Tea

Hey thanks for stopping by today as I get to give a more in depth introduction to Blogs and Tea! Allie, Jenny, and myself (plus all the other staff at Books and Tea) have worked really hard the past three years on making Books and Tea what it is and with its growth we’ve chosen to expand to a secondary server just for bloggers or those wanting to start blogging.

Keep reading to find out how the new server – Blogs and Tea – came into existence and what it has to offer or click here to join.

Why a secondary server?

One of the areas within the bookclub is a “Blogger Hub”. In here we had a few channels that allowed bloggers to talk to each other and share advice, opportunities, and ask for help.

With the Book Club growing so much and our plans to work on and expand the Blogger Hub we had to approach it in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm existing and new members to the world of Discord. So it seemed only reasonable to seperate the two.

This allows us to, eventually, shrink the channel list in the Book Club by a category. And allows bloggers to interact with others without introducing them to such a large server. In short we’re hoping its easier to manage.

What are the goals of Blogs & Tea?

Our main goal with Blogs & Tea is to provide an area that is dedicated to blogging and all that it entails. Yes that’s right, its for any bloggers, not just book bloggers.

(As this place has been created by book bloggers chances are most members will primarily be book bloggers and channels created with these in mind but as we grow we will alter to reflect what members need)

We hope to be a place that bloggers can go to:
– talk to more bloggers
– share your content
– be introduced to new blogs to read
– grow their engagment through friendships made
– inspire each other
– look for other bloggers to collab with
– share opportunities they come across and where to look for them
– request help with blogging difficulties
– support on those days you’re just not feeling it

But also somewhere potential bloggers can turn to if they need advice on where to get started.

Lastly, as we are a community inspired server we will do our best to listen to feedback and introduce areas that will benefit members.

What do you currently offer?


As we’re less than a month old and still pretty small we’ve attempted to cover the basics but still have the room to grow.

Upon joining members can view most of the Rules and Info category to gain all the information needed to fully join the server.

Yes upon joining members cant view the full server. As the server is public we want to keep it a troll free zone and our members safe so we make use of a bot to help.

We have a few joinable roles, some to indicate what platform you use and others that are taggable roles to let people know you’re ok to pinged for help inthose areas!

After this we have our Chat category which is a great place to get to know other members within the server and check out their social media.

Moving on we have the main blog themed areas; Blogging and Opportunity Hub.

c1The first category is built around sharing your content, seeking help, and finding inspiration for blog tags, challenges, or collabing with other bloggers.

The second is to share different opportunities available to bloggers that we might otherwise miss in such a crowded social media feed. This is definitely tailored more for book blogers right now but we do have the misc-opportunities so others can be shared and this will help us generate other channels if we see an abundance of [other theme here] bloggers!

And our last categories have channels for members to get to know each other further and have some downtime from blogging. The first is for all things bookish and the other is for everything else; including pets, affiliate links, self-promotion for services, and creative pieces they’ve created.

Come say hi

And I believe this brings us to a conclusion of this introductory post! Should we make any major changes or alterations to the blogging server I’ll create an updated post, if not I’ll just do a check in post a few months down the line to reflect on how things have gone for us.

I am really excited about the launch of Blogs and Tea so I cant wait to see you guys there to help make this community a home.

Any questions?
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44 thoughts on “Announcing Blogs & Tea | Online blogger help group”

  1. Joint without further hesitation and without even reading the full thing. The books and tea server was indeed a little overwhelming for me.

  2. I love that there’s a discord just for bloggers in general and not confined to bookish ones. I always wondered if I could ask for help with my other blogs on Books and Tea, but felt too nervous to.

  3. Ohh, this seems so lovely! I wish I could join, but my Discord just never wants to work on my laptop or my phone. ☹ It either notifies me of every single message and I can’t keep up, or it refuses to notify me of anything for weeks on end (which is what just happened, legit just logged in and found messages from Kal from a freaking week ago??? wtf discord). So instead I’ll just cheer you on from afar, sadly haha

  4. Wheeee ah this server sounds awesome Lauren, and I’m gonna be clicking me way over shortly to join it! I also love how it’s open to all bloggers, no matter the niche :)

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