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Unboxing The Dark Side | OwlCrate April 2019

Unboxing OwlCrate the dark side april 2019Whilst I was off sick I decided to work my behind off and sell some older book box merch so I could afford to buy April’s The Dark Side box from OwlCrate cause I knew it sounded like my cup of tea.

I was over the moon when it arrived as whilst I’ve already mentioned that BookHookedBox was my favourite due to not having to unhaul any item, this was definitely the close second because I adored most of the items inside and could tell instantly I didn’t waste my money.

By now everyone’s box has definitely arrived so keep reading to see what we got and what I thought of each item.

E X C L U S I V E  C O V E R

The main reason I wanted this box was for an exclusive cover of Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan who I am ready to steal my heart tbh. I seem to have a fondness for people who live in Ohio.

2019-05-05 03.06.51 1.jpgI’m really happy that they went with a simple colour swap because I really do think the black cover fits the synopsis a lot more. It’s very striking.

As with most of the boxes these days, we also got a lovely author letter and the book was signed by Emily too.

Additionally a fabric print of the map from the story was included which is definitely a fancy extra. At the moment I have it inside the book still but it would be lovely to frame one day.

I’m very excited to pick this book up soon. It sounds like my cuppa tea.


You might’ve noticed from the first photograph in this post that we were really spoiled in April. I’m a huge fan of the scarf as it’s going to be a lovely accessory for the colder summer days, easy to pack in a bag too should the wind drop away.

Full Item List:
– Six of Crows socks from Out of Print
– Lightweight scarf inspired by The Darkling (Shadow and Bone) by Bookmarkd Tattoos
– A black pin banned from Michelle Gray
– Hardcover notebook inspired by Manon (Throne of Glass) by Stella Bookish Art
– Phone holder inspired by Vicious from Hey Atlas Creative
– Collectable pin, also designed by Hey Atlas Creative and inspired by Nadya (Wicked Saints)
– Finale by Stephanie Garber sneak peak sampler
– Art print + spoiler information card

I haven’t yet found a use for the notebook but I love the design of this one and its hardcover means damage is unlikely to happen. At the moment it has a place next to my desk should ideas arise.

I also love the phone holder but I’m really sad that I can’t use it. Yet. My current phone case has a lovely illustration of a Shiba on and it glows in the dark. So there is no chance in hell I’m covering that up. I have been on the search for a phone holder I liked enough to then buy a patterned phone case to pair up with it and this will definitely do.

However, the was unfortunately one item I wasn’t a fan of. I’m probably in the minority here. Its the Six of Crows socks. As someone with slightly larger feet I absolutely hate getting socks in book subscription boxes as they’re either too small from the get go or shrink after 1 or 2 washes. By default now I just rehome them as I’m fed up of small socks.

Overall though it really is a fab box. My complaint is definitely only a small personal one, so I’m over the moon! Oh, and the inside of Wicked Saints is just as lovely too…

Have you read Wicked Saints yet?
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3 thoughts on “Unboxing The Dark Side | OwlCrate April 2019”

  1. That’s such a gorgeous edition of The Wicked Saints. At the moment, it’s one book I’m not sure about reading but I am happy a lot of people seem to be loving it.

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