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E3 2019 | 17 video game highlights from EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda

E3 2019 highlights - this image contains the E3 2019 logo with highlights text added below in a shape that represents a brush of paint going through a hexagon shape.E3 2019 | 17 video game highlights
For those who don’t know every year all the video game companies gather at E3 to showcase the games they’ve been working on and tease what is coming out in the following years. I’ve been watching this live for the past 5 years or so regardless of the fact its in America and therefor ruins my sleeping pattern for the time its airing.

Now I actually missed 2 and a half shows so far this year due to work so I’ll have another post on those games once I play catch up. I’m fairly sure this post is long enough that they won’t be missed. I only plan to talk about the video games that caught my eye as I want to focus on the positives and use this as a point of reference of what I’d like to buy when they’re released.


EA were the first to have their show which for me wasn’t a great start simply as I’m not super into a lot of their games, and other things but that’s a topic for another day. However, there were two games that caught my eye.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | Releasing 15th November 2019
Fallen Order is a single player action-adventure game that allows you to play a Jedi who’s honing his skills to help rebuild the Jedi Order. I really enjoyed the idea of this game and the mechanics that made use of the Force and lightsaber in combat so I can’t wait to see some more gameplay of it later on. It’s not a game I’ll jump at to buy but definitely want to watch closely to see if the rest of it holds me interested.

Sims 4: Island Living | Releasing 21st June 2019
The newest expansion for Sims 4 was announced which includes mermaids! I’m so excited about this I can barely breathe anymore. It also has some really cool features of fun and games in the water, dolphins, building sandcastles, becoming a lifeguard, and most importantly caring for the Island and Ocean. The Island will alter over time so if you’re not cleaning up the beaches you won’t get to experience new foliage and wildlife!


On day 2 of E3 Microsoft kicked off with their presentation which I was a lot more excited about due to the fact I’m primarily a PC gamer and knew there would be a lot in here that appealed to me, even if not the masses.

The Outer Worlds | Releasing 25th October 2019 (2020 on Steam)
This is a role-playing game so to no one’s surprise this has made its way on my “to keep an eye on” list. You get to explore a space colony and your actions will determine how the story unfolds as it’s very player focused. It also looks visually cool too so I’m in.

Minecraft: Dungeons | Releasing 2020
For those of you who don’t know I basically grew up on Minecraft so to see them releasing a more action-adventure game, that’s inspired by dungeon crawlers, it really captures my interest. As it’s not a soon to be released game I’ll be sure to follow updates for it to see where it goes.

Blair Witch | Releasing 30th August 2019
Yes, you read this correctly. There is a game being released that follow the cinematic lore of Blair Witch! It’s 100% canon. I’m very wishy washy with horror games but this is a story-driven one so I’m hoping it’ll appeal to me a little more.

Cyberpunk 2077 | Releasing 16th April 2020
Actually the main highlight of this show given that the trailer ended with KEANU REEVES in game, and then he walked on stage?! Amazing, breathtaking, wow. But seriously, I really enjoyed the design of this game and how characters utilised body modifications and technology to alter, adapt, and fight. Looks like it could provide some interesting gameplay.
Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077Unfortunately there’s been some bad press around the company and the current demo so I’ll have to really research into whether I want to put money into it or not because I’m hearing very conflicting things?!

Dead Static Drive | Release date TBD
This and the next few games were part of a very quick montage so we didn’t get a lot of information on them, but instead lovely clips of their gameplay. It really helps to give you an idea of design, graphics, and type of game play. The presskit for DSD says “An existential road trip adventure through a nightmare, nostalgic Americana.” which definitely sounds like a fun concept with a very simple and creative art style.

Afterparty | Releasing 2019
This is a story rich adventure game where you follow two recently deceased buds as they face eternity in Hell. If you outdrink Satan he will grant you re-entry to hell. Hi? I am interested. The style and use of text in this game look so cool. Gonna keep my eye on this to see what more the gameplay offers.

The Good Life | Releasing Fall 2019
I can’t express my excitement for this game where you play as Naomi who moves to a British town to help pay off her debts by taking photographs of happenings in the town. Their kickstarter page says “you’ll eventually come to love all the mystery, horror, and good old charm that this town has to offer” which sounds so awesome.

Night Call | Releasing Summer 2019
A predominately black and white game which is a murder mystery set in Paris and you’re a taxi driver trying to get through the day and provide aid to investigations by getting your customers to talk to you.

TOTEM TELLER | Releasing 2020
There isn’t a whole lot of information on TOTEM TELLER but oh my gosh it looks beautiful. The key features they list in their press kit is that it’s an anti narrative video game about storytelling where you uncover what lies beneath the folklore by making choices that generate your retelling. I have a might need. Right now.
Totem Teller gif, glitchy and aesthetic
12 Minutes | Release date TBD
Twelve Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop! The trailer we saw told us that part of the narrative is about stopping his wife from being murdered. The game play is top down and the mechanics provide a different type of gameplay which I can’t wait to see executed.

tumblr_psvcd7k83D1sok5c9o2_540Way to the Woods | Releasing 2020
*Screams at the beauty of a two Deer explorative game that uses light as a way to guide the user throughout the game back to their home*. I want nothing more than this game in my hands this second.

Borderlands 3 | Releasing 13th September 2019 (April 2020 for Steam)
Borderlands is one of my favourite game series so I’m super excited about this release. Though waiting till next year is going to be a pain but I can do it – mostly because I have so many unplayed games as it is. There’s also two playable characters that I’m interested in this time around though I’ll probably stick to my guns and be a Siren again.


So I’m now realising how long this post is which means you’ll definitely get to read a part two at a later date but to wrap things up nicely I’ll talk about the highlights from Bethesda too as there isn’t many.

Fallout 76 | Older release
This game came out last year but I wasn’t 100% sure how I’d like the online no-NPC element of it so I haven’t really paid much attention. However, their next free expansion adds NPC’s and it ties in nicely to the story that already exists. They also launched a week long free to play trial of the existing game which I’ve spent a little bit of time in and so far I don’t hate it. But having friends to play with would be nicer…

Deathloop | Release TBD
Honestly I’m not super big on first person shooters but the concept of Deathloop has me interested. I’d definitely love to get a better understanding of the game and see some more of the game play and options. The website states you can explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels so colour me interested indeed.

Ghostwire Tokyo | Release Unknown
I have to end on the highest of notes because this was 100% the actual game that I am vibrating in excitement for. I couldn’t stop talking about Ghostwire Tokyo the days after Bethesda’s show, particularly because the director of the game, Ikumi Nakamura, was an actual precious and uplifting voice. There is very little information about this game but it was pitched as an action-adventure in which people are disappearing so you have to figure out why by following conspiracies, the occult, and paranormal elements.Screenshot of three japanese figures from the video game Ghostwire Tokyo

Goodness. I really hadn’t anticipated how many games I wanted to share with you, nor the task of a post this would be to write. It was definitely overwhelming – but hopefully I can swiftly get a part two written up too.

Really interested to hear about your time with E3 if you watched any? If not, did I introduce you to anything new?

Are any of these games on your watchlist?
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22 thoughts on “E3 2019 | 17 video game highlights from EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda”

  1. I definitely struggled to write up my E3 post too, and mine had less games than your part 1 does! Awesome post.

    I’ve somehow missed the bad stuff about Cyberpunk. I’ll have to take a look at what’s going on.

  2. Confession: I am not a gamer. However, my husband is. Not so much since we’ve been together, but he still picks up open world games once in a while (Witcher, Assassins Creed, etc.) and of course, Star Wars. I love watching him play because nowadays these games are so beautifully crafted they play out like movies! They are just insane! I literally can’t even walk around in them. Take me back to Super Nintendo, please.

    1. yes i thinkt hats the beuaty of the games, even as a non-gamer there are still ones out there that could speak to you. theres some called visual novels whichithink any book lover could enjoy :)

  3. It was seeing an ad for Island Living that made me feel like yep, I NEED this game! I only have the original Sims on PS2 and I never got past level three (lol no one thought I was cool enough to move out of Mimi’s house with) so I want to give it another shot!

  4. I usually hone in for EA during E3 but this year I’m just not as hyped for their games though their SW Jedi: Fallen Order sounds pretty great. Admittedly I’m probably most excited for Borderlands 3 but I may need to look into Ghostwire Tokyo more!

  5. Me and David watched a little bit of E3 whilst on holiday. I am so excited for Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, Animal Crossing and Link’s Awakening! I love this post!

  6. OMG living for the release of the Sims Island Living! I’m super looking forward to the Avengers game too, not sure if this was announced in e3 or not though!

  7. I’m too excited for Island Living! I’ve been waiting for this expansion. I loved the Sims 3 Island Paradise! I’m looking forward to the new Watchdog Legion too!

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