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Warming Your Winter | Reflecting on friendships and good posts

Book Ending WinWarming Your Winter | Reflecting on friendships and good posts
Today is my first day as a host for Bookending Winter so join me as I look back on this years blogging friendships and recommend some posts to check out!

If you’ve written your own post for this prompt please feel free to leave a link in the comments so myself and others can see you Warming others Winters! Alternatively you can tag me on twitter.

I really can’t wait to read about all y’all friendships this month, but without further ado its time for me to share the love too.

T E E N S G A T E  B L O G G E R S

Honestly what kind of person would I be if I didn’t start this post with a shout out to my local blogger friends. What started off as one tweet to Amy so we could have friends at a book signing has lead to some of my favourite friendships in blogging there are.

Amy, Becky, Beth, Luchia, and Charlotte keep in regular contact these day, though mostly it is digital, and when possible we have bookish meet ups to attend book signings or blogger events.

Many of the blogger events we attend are the Teensgate ones which are run by our fave Kimi and now we have a lovely group of (mostly) local bloggers that we get to hang out with now and then.

Here a few of my favourite posts from some of the others I haven’t already listed and linked:

Jenniely: How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump | Donna: YALC 2018 | Megs: Favourite Spooky Books | Katie: Book and Nook Unboxings | Fiona: Inktober 2018 | Sarah: The Book Community Made Me Buy It | Sarah & Sophie: Ramona Blue review | Lois: My Fictional Bucket List |  Faye: When Everything Changes


My next section of bloggers I wanna show some love to are the ones from my book club. I couldn’t put in the time and effort that I do for that place without the love and support all of the members.

So of course I need to warm their winters by showing some love to the members & some of them have also been featured with their own guest posts in my Meet the Members feature I did.

Some of these memebers have been with me since almost the start and whilst they might not all be super active now the place has grown I will never forget the support I’ve had from them. Some of them are newer and keeping the place alive, others even newer and I’d like to get to know them better!

Lauren*: Tackle that TBR | Absthine* | Allie*: Horror Shelf Tour | Amiiie*:  Five Fae Books I Want To Read | Tecsie: November Video Game Wrap Up | Cat | Avery*: How I Met The Genre – SciFi | November Wrap Up | Anthony: Dear Santa… | Kristina: A Year in Retrospective | Ash: Fall Catch Up | Andreea: Letter to November | Ayelen: Reading Habits | S.C. Parris | Nia: My First Three Months in Publishing | Ruthsic: Diversity Spotlight | Alexia: Origin Story – Forest of a Thousand Lanterns | Ruth | Lulu: Mortals and Immortals review | Melanie

*I’ve also been super lucky to meet a few of these great people in real life which have all been amazing experiences!

Lastly, special mentions to Satho, Aria, Tali, and Ken who don’t have social media I can link up but I love just as much as the others who’s posts I want to direct you too.

& honorary mention to Cerys who doesn’t fit into any of these areas but I didn’t want to put at the very end of the post but I’m loving her blogmas series that she’s hosting and think you should go and read all of those posts!batthing


Now for my last secion I’m going to mention some of the active members in Avalinah’s New Bloggers group because they’ve also been a very supporting community and from it we’ve helped grow each other, friendships have formed, and events have bloomed.

Whilst I’d love to go through every single member here the group has grown a lot so I’ll just pick a few who I’ve spoken with the most or else no one is gonna go check out new blogs to read heh.

Destiny: TBR Lows & Highs | Sam: Google Translates My Favourite Books | Jacqueline: The Tsundoku Chronicles – A Rep Period | DB: The Veil is Thin | Ruby: Backlist Books I Want to Read | Amy: Christmas Readathon Challenges | Kal: Book Blogger Spreadsheet Template | Cam: A Special About Italian Food | Clo: Tidyathon Info | Sophia: Do you have a love/hate relationship with planning?

& thats it for now. I really liked compiling this list and suggesting posts for y’all to read so perhaps I can make this appear again?

img_0975This is part of the Bookending Winter Events – the full schedule can be seen here – and updates are also released on their twitter account.

I can’t wait to see everyones posts for this event! Are you taking part?

Also if you want to join the New Bloggers discord group feel free to message me for an invite.

Don’t forget to share your Warming the Winter posts with me!
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32 thoughts on “Warming Your Winter | Reflecting on friendships and good posts”

  1. aww how sweet to have your own group of locals to chat with !! that’s amazing :3 All the canadians ive stumbled upon so far where pretty much scattered and no one really closes to me so, ahaha!

    And thank you so much to have chosen my blogoversary post :3

  2. Aw thank you so much for the tag! I love meeting you at events and chatting to you. Next year I hope to go to more of the teensgate events, one of my goals is to beat my anxiety about it (and also my health heh) and hang out with you lovely lot more! 💜

  3. Thank you for including me Lauren! It’s amazing to see how supportive we all are together in the New Blogger group. It’s been loving talking you within the group.

  4. Aaah thank you so much for including me! I really want to try and find a group of local bookbloggers where I am but the idea of having to actively search for some kinda scares me xD loved this post though Lauren!

  5. Thank you for the feature – I am definitely one of those members that is not as active anymore and I feel so bad for that :(. Trying my best to be a better member of the club in the future!

  6. Mah Heart….Mah Soul!! <3 Thank you so much for including me! You are absolutely amazing and I so thrilled that you are a host for Bookending Winter this year! YOU ARE GOALS!

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