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Feminist Icons | Teensgate

teensgate feminist iconsFeminist Icons | Teensgate
Hey guys, I’ve only spoken briefly about Teensgate in my Warming Your Winter post so for those of you who don’t know I’ll give you a little introduction on what it is.

The Teensgate Blogger Netowork is a blogger event run in Waterstones Deansgate by the lovely Kimi. She’s honestly a star to put these events together. In fact lets be real, she’s the first feminist icon to be featured here.

Each event is sponsored by a publisher who provide us with ARCs, goodies, and often questions for us to discuss. Previously I got to read and review Love, Simon and Ella Black thanks to Penguin. Keep reading to find out more about this recent event and what I hauled.

This time DK Publishers were the sponsors of the event with the theme “FEMINISM IS…”. They provided copies of Feminism Is.., The Feminism Book, Women: Our History, and the two I picked up – Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play and Marvel Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World.
women in gaming and fearless and fantastic booksNow, I haven’t read the two I picked up yet – that would be a very quick turn around for me. However, I’ve had a flick through the Women in Gaming one and I recognised a few names which made me happy (Ashly Birch and Rhi Pratchett to name two
– both of who I admire a lot and love the work they’ve done in the gaming world).

Even without reading these I’m glad they exist as they’re very Me kinda books. I’m not a huge reader of non-fiction and whilst I’m a feminist (as y’all should be this day and age) I wasn’t sure I’d find a book that I would be able to pick up and really sink my teeth into. But no, we need no worry as DK have their topics covered and perfectly appealed to my tastes too.

We also got a tote bag, coaster, pen, a poster, and a little notebook which I can already see coming in very hand for some note-taking pre-bujo writing.

As a discussion point for the meeting DK asked us “Who is your feminist icon?

I decided to keep theme with my two choices. From video games I picked Lara Croft, I’m particularly fond of the Tomb Raider (2013) game that Rhi Pratchett worked on. Jen Bartel was my pick for the female superheroes theme as she’s illustrated her fair few, though realistically its her amazing work that keeps me inspired daily. If you’ve seen my “Support Your Local Girl Gang” top or “Dead Men Don’t Cat Call” pin then you’ve seen Jen’s work!

I gotta stay On Brand, right?

Yes, finally, of course I couldn’t forget the girls that make up the Teensgate group. They really do make my day whenever I get to meet up and talk with them, they’re such a supportive group who encourage me to strive to be better too.

To continue with the support I want to be able to link up other posts that go live from this event so watch this space as I’ll add in the others.

But for now, its Lois Reads Books post that I’ll feature here and encourage you go and check out!

Update: Here is Beths post

I did also haul a few others books whilst at the event but honestly I think I might actually do a January book haul next week (*fingers crossed* if I have the time) because theres so many awesome books I got this month that it would be a shame not to grow your TBR piles too!

Also considering a  run down on the 13 books I read this month too…

Who is your feminist icon?
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21 thoughts on “Feminist Icons | Teensgate”

  1. That’s a lovely supportive book group. Plus it’s a two way thing, you’ll support and promote them as long as you feel ahppy and welcome. A win, win for all.

  2. Yay support, yay feminism, my heart is happy lol. As for my personal feminist icon? Hmm I don’t know that I could pick? We have so many to choose from now and it keeps growing, I just get happy and emotional thinking about it (like, I cried watching Wonder Woman and see a film directed by a woman and starred by an actress who is an amazing person and having women shown going into battle without making it ‘sexy’)

  3. This is a great post! My little sister is definitely one of my feminist icons because she doesn’t take any messing

  4. I wish they had events like this around me. I would love that because it sounds like a supportive group of book lovers. I am glad you enjoyed your time, and I loved reading about your experience.

  5. This seems like such an awesome group that you’re apart of! I seriously need to pick up the Marvel book, it looks amazing!

  6. Storm is such a great choice! As for my feminist icon, it’s definitely Emma Watson. Not only because she is doing the most (and as a child I looked up to Hermione) but she is also willing to learn and be better when people point out something to her.

  7. It looks like you all had a great time! I hope I get to meet you all at the next one :-) I think the first person that came to mind was Emma Watson but I love that you picked Lara Croft

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