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Graphic Novel Review: Luke Cage: Everyman by Anthony Del Col

Luke Cage: Everyman by Anthony Del Col and illustrated by Jahnoy Lindsay and Declan Shalvey
Series: Luke Cage: Everyman #1-3
Genre: Superheroes | Graphic Novel
Length: 192 pages
Published on 14th November 2018 by Marvel
Purchase: Amazon | TBD
Anthony Del Col: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Jahnoy Lindsay: Twitter | Goodreads
Declan Shalvey: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
eCopy received for review from author

Synopsis: Collects Luke Cage MDO Digital Comic #1-3.

With Harlem in the grips of an unprecedented heat wave, the people look to their hero—the unbreakable man, Luke Cage! But the heat wave turns out to be the least of Harlem’s worries. Someone has their sights set on the city’s 1%, and the rich and powerful are dropping dead from mysterious illnesses. It’s up to Luke Cage to stop the Everyman Killer—even though he’s just received a grim diagnosis of his own… By the time Luke discovers the true identity of the Everyman Killer he’s too late to stop them from abducting one of the most important people in his life. Can Luke neutralize the killer in time to save his beloved city?


I am so excited to share this review with you because oh boy it has been a long time since I’ve read anything Marvel published.

Not super by choice; more like being scared of where to dive in and instead sticking to other less interwined series.

But boy am I glad I picked this up.

1571f8a517af981ddb573a270ee31ef8I don’t think I’ve read a Luke Cage series before so my only exposure to him as a character are the 2 series on Netflix (which RIP btw! I was very invested in seeing more of this series especially our queer lil babe Shades).

So if you’re like me and are ready to wade back into your love for Superheroes then I can definitely say Luke Cage: Everyman is a good place to do so.

It has elements that watchers of the Netflix show will be familar with (Jessica, Danny, important messages about inequality and morality) but also new aspects that will encourage reading (new villain, new illness’, and new characters).

If you’re totally new to Luke Cage though you are provided with a small back story which allows the rest of the graphic novel to be read with very little confusion.

I was really impressed with how this story started as it dives straight in with a mysterious murder and we follow the trail until we’re at Luke’s door and he’s being hired to keep someone safe and figure out who this murder is.
I really enjoyed the villain of this story because it really got you as a reader to reflect on what you’d do if you and your own had experienced such inequalitys in your life.

But what there are two other things that I loved about this story.

d77d0665321b8748d95d26ddf65caecaIntroducing and exploring the idea of Luke Cage having CTE. I only heard about CTE last year when reading a YA “horror” and that was only briefly to see it again and explored in a more detail I thought was pretty great. This really humanises Luke and allows him to have more perspective with how he treats his otherwise indestructable body, life choices, and what would happen to his family if the CTE got worse.

(CTE is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma – often athletes)

Whilst this is relevant to the main story line of this graphic novel I can definitely see it being something that influences Luke’s actions in the future and has added an interesting development of his character.

Oh? You saw how I bolded family there did you?

Yes, in this series Luke has the sweetest daughter.

88f82612476f8cde0b95919edcd0b0cbSo not only does he have to run around the city protecting people and fighting for what is right. He’s also trying to juggle being a father who’s daughter is little sick.

This is definitely another aspect I really liked as it gave Luke more depth and their interactiosn were the sweetest.

(Oh and Danny is much more tolerable in this than the tv series imo)

This graphic novel did leave me with a few (not too series) questions so I hope Everyman continues as I’d very happily read that or whatever comes next from this author with Luke.

I hope you give this a try!

4 stars / 5 stars
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7 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review: Luke Cage: Everyman by Anthony Del Col”

  1. I love Luke Cage! I’m not a huge fan of the TV series (though I like the actor that plays Luke), because I feel like they don’t do a good job of representing his character. I’ve only read a few of the comics, but I really like the ones where he’s teamed up with Iron Fist! I enjoyed their banter in the Defenders, but Iron Fist is another series I have issues with. I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. i think i mostly read x-men ones back in the day!

      as i havent had much exposure to luke i didnt have that issue w the show but i can understand why you felt this way c: defenders was fun indeed

    1. for me i think its the art styles which are chosen which is why i dont seek them out so much. my go to styles are definitely different to this but luckily i still enjoyed the art in this one and felt it fit the story

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