I’m on Patreon!

patreon info - support northern plunder bannerPatreon Info | Support Northern Plunder
Earlier this month I set up a Patreon. I’d been toying with this idea all year but as Patreon set a date for when they’d implement changes on how the site works I decided it was worth pushing through my doubts and getting it live before hand.

I’ve been tweeting about my Patreon a little bit but tweets do get lost to the wind very easy so it seemed only natural that I have a little blog post with all the handy information on. If you want to head straight to my Patreon you can here.
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A Season of Sequels | Kimi from A Tale of Two Booksellers

A Season of Sequels | Kimi from A Tale of Two Booksellers
Hello Bookwyrms 💖

I’m super excited to have my favourite bookseller and friend on the blog today to talk about her plan Sprin plans to tackle her TBR. I really enjoyed this post she’s written, and the amazing photographs she took to accompany it, so make sure you check out her social media at the bottom of this post to show her some love.
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5 Fave Childhood Reads | #WBDwithUKYA

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Fave Childhood Reads | #WBDwithUKYA
Hello Bookwyrms 💖

Today in the UK is World Book Day and to help celebrate this myself and a few other UKYA bloggers have grouped together to crate a Blog Hop. Keep reading to find out more information about World Book Day, my childhood fave reads, and who else you can blog hop too throughout the day.
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Announcing Blogs & Tea | Online blogger help group

laptop, notebook, and books illustrated by allie @ hexenlibrarian
illustrated by Allie @hexenlibrarian

Introducing Blogs&Tea | An expansion of Books&Tea

Hey thanks for stopping by today as I get to give a more in depth introduction to Blogs and Tea! Allie, Jenny, and myself (plus all the other staff at Books and Tea) have worked really hard the past three years on making Books and Tea what it is and with its growth we’ve chosen to expand to a secondary server just for bloggers or those wanting to start blogging.

Keep reading to find out how the new server – Blogs and Tea – came into existence and what it has to offer or click here to join.
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Warming Your Winter | Reflecting on friendships and good posts

Book Ending WinWarming Your Winter | Reflecting on friendships and good posts
Today is my first day as a host for Bookending Winter so join me as I look back on this years blogging friendships and recommend some posts to check out!

If you’ve written your own post for this prompt please feel free to leave a link in the comments so myself and others can see you Warming others Winters! Alternatively you can tag me on twitter.

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