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State of the ARC | July

State of the ARC |

Don’t forget to visit Ava’s posts as she is the host of this great monthly check in with our review copies.

I was super busy at the end of July so this is a tad late as I didn’t have the energy to address my mess any earlier than now, please forgive me.

Earlier I made a spreadsheet to help me keep track of things and be able to update my graph easier.

Now lets finally get a side by side comparisson of the end of June (left) and July (right):

Do you see that progress with my NetGalley bunch? Wow.

I kind of feel like I miscounted somewhere for there to be so few left to read but then I remember I didn’t count anything prior to 2016 which is the area that is really kicking my butt. Perhaps once these are all done I’ll start a new NG graph.

So lets start with what I read.

From my author stack I read Scattered Constellations amd from NetGalley I read Mae vol 1, Ghost Stories, Tarot Cafe, Herakles, and Skin & Earth.

Click the titles to see Goodread pages.

On top of this I also posted reviews of :

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning ⭐⭐⭐.5 | The Valiant by Matt Kindt ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | sunfish by Shelby Eileen ⭐⭐⭐.5

Click the titles to see my thoughts on them.

And I have also scheduled reviews for Potters Boy by Tony Mitton, Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland, The Fandom by Anna Day, The Castoffs by M.K. Reed, Mae by Gene Ha, and Ghost Stories by Whit Taylor.

Click the titles to see Goodread pages.

I’m hoping I can quickly catch up on the rest of the NetGalley books I read as they’re all graphic novels.

I gained a lot of new review copies thanks to NYA Lit, YALC, and just general publisher opportunites. Below I’ve included a few covers of books I’ll be reading soon.

Vox | Tempest and Slaughter | The Binding | Heart of Thorns | A Thousand Beginnings and Endings | Sawkill Girls | Damsel | Girls of Paper and Fire | Shadow of the Fox | The Shadow Glass

So for August so far I’ve already finished Spinning Silver and Vox. I had planned to read the others in release order however, the need to read The Shadow Glass is BIG.


How are you doing with your ARCs?
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25 thoughts on “State of the ARC | July”

  1. I’m doing ARC August to plow through a bunch of the ARCs I have from BEA/Netgalley! Good luck reading all the things!

  2. Oh wow, congrats on your NetGalley progress! How do you have so many unsolicited books, btw? Like, are you still planning to read all of those even though you didn’t ask for them?

    1. i mostly count like books i get from events i attend for them OR itll be just stuff sent to work OR giveaways bc it seems odd to count them under publisher as i didnt request them the same way.

      most of them i do wanna read or at least try. theres a few contemporaries that show up at work so ill give them a try and if not ill pass them along to a new home

      1. oh yeah that makes sense! I just noticed it’s your largest column, but I guess if it’s unsolicited then at least the pressure is smaller? :D

        I have a similar thing with ARCs coming in through the Lesbrary – I saved a couple that interested me, but since they are from a group thing and not sent /directly/ to me, I feel like it’s chill if I never end up reading them.

      1. Ooh yeah, those can definitely change stats around a little! I went through a spell last summer and fall where I read SO MANY of the “read now” GNs and comics on Netgalley. If I’d been doing State of the ARC at that time, I think my stats would’ve looked unreal lol!

  3. I’m really excited about Shadow of the Fox!! I keep seeing different covers for it, so I’m curious what the final result will be. Julie Kagawa has always been a favorite author of mine, so I can’t wait to see what she has planned for this one! A few of the others you have are ones I want to read, so I cannot wait to read your thoughts on them. <3

    — Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. i think its totally fair to put them in to two collections. i havent listed any of my pre-2016 ones here bc thats when i “”restarted”” blogging imo (i finished uni so i was back focusing on this).

      at the end of the day these are more likely your priority ones, then maybe when the recent ones are managable you can start looking at the oldies

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