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#NYALitFest – Preston

NYALitFest | Northern Literary Festival in Preston
This is about the second NYALitFest that has been held. I was super excited to see them announce another than I could attend. I unfortunately missed the first due to being on a plane.

I’ll be talking about my day in this post but if you’d like to visit their website you can do here – also they’ll be hosting another in March 2019!

If you haven’t had the chance to attend either of the events I really would recommend trying the next one. I love the fact its in the North so it was much easier for me to attend and it was a free event too!

The night before I collected my books together that I’d be taking to get signed. One of my reasons for attending was to lower the amount of books I’d be taking to YALC later this week. The other reason is for the amazing Alexandra Christo who isn’t attending YALC.
DilZTNZW0AA-lgE[1]As you can see I didn’t have a massive pile to take but this seriously lightens the luggage for YALC. Of these I’ve read To Kill a Kingdom which I highly recommend you pick up, its my favourite Little Mermaid retelling I’ve read this year. The Smoke Thieves was fun too but took a good chunk to get going. I’m only 150~ or so pages into State of Sorrow and I love it, seriously if you haven’t picked it up yet you must.

The first panel was for all things fantasy featuring Alexandra Christo, Sally Green, and Taran Matharu with Melinda Salisbury as the host.

I really enjoyed this as it was fun to hear about them talking about world building, what they think the next big trend in fantasy is going to be, and the difficulties they face when writing – how to incorporate time, language, and money.

As I’ve not read any of Taran’s work it was definitely good hearing him talk about his own as he has a lot of similar interests to me – pokemon, skyrim, and dragon age. I thin we’d be great friends haha. Also I’m not totally convinced Sally wasn’t drunk…

I also wish someone else was chairing so we could’ve heard more from Melinda!

The other panel was for all things supernatural which feautred A.J. Hartley, Melvin Burgess, Sally Green, and David Owen chaired it. Unfortunately Marcus Sedgwick’s car broke down so he couldn’t make it, which is why Sally sat in on this one too.

There was lots of talk about ghosts and witches. Zombies also got an honorable mention because there is never just one zombie.

It was also interesting to hear each of them describe the differences between fantasy  and supernatural themselves.


Okay getting all my books signed was awesome and I definitely didn’t fan girl a little bit at all nope.

Melinda warned me I had a lot to look forward too, including meeting her favourite book boyfriend. Alexandra loved the fact Luchia had recommended her book to me and then that passed on to a bunch my book club. And well I told David that his sampler so far was interesting and he told me hoped the whole book would be interesting too.

As well as the sampler I also got a copy of The Boneless Mercies which I’ve already started and I am loving! Plus I bought a tshirt with the NYALit logo on for £5 which is definitely worth it given the event was free.


In between the signings and panels I also got to say hi to Julia Embers who was sat across from us. I was pretty awkard and nervous about that but she was really awesome.

Lastly it was so much fun to see all my blogger friends. Everyone was so nice and talking to people was so easy?! I’m always surprised at how little my anxiety flares up at these events – I guess its just because we all love books.

I made a lot of new friends and even got to see an old friend for the first time – Amiiie – definitely go and check out her blog, ok?

Thank you to those who let me awkwardly give you a business card too! It was good practice for YALC haha.

Are you attending YALC this week? If so say hi to me
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13 thoughts on “#NYALitFest – Preston”

  1. Wow, how cool! I haven’t been to a book event yet but the more of these posts I see, the more I want to!

  2. I am so glad you got to go and that you were able to enjoy it even more as you missed the first one! State of Sorrow and also To Kill A Kingdom are both on my TBR, and I just bought myself a copy of Half Bad as well. I would love to go to a book event too someday.

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