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ARC review: Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart

Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart
Series: Grace and Fury #1
Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult
Length: 320 pages
Published on 26th July 2018 by Hodder Children’s Books
Purchase: Amazon | TBD
Tracy Banghart: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
ARC sent to me via the publishers (ty Louise and Katherine)

Synopsis: Bold, brutal and beautiful, this is a must-read with the glitter and romance of The Selection and the thrilling action and intrigue of Red Queen.

In a world where women have no rights, sisters Serina and Nomi face two very different fates: one in the palace, the other on an island prison where women must fight to survive.

Serina has spent her whole life preparing to become a Grace – selected to stand by the heir to the throne as a shining example of the perfect woman.

But her headstrong and rebellious younger sister has a dangerous secret, and one wrong move could cost both sisters everything.

Can Serina fight? And will Nomi win?

Grace and Fury showed up at work for me whilst I was in America and honestly opening this when I arrived at work after my trip was the best thig. I wanted to cry happy tears.

For anyone who doesn’t know I’m a big fan of Tracy’s previous work so I was estatic when I saw she was publishing a new book.

Grace and Fury follows two sisters as they leave their home to start a new life.

In this world three Graces are chosen every few years by the ruler (or when this book is set, his heir) to serve him. Be it to rub his feet, play the flute, have a child for him, or be a breathtaking statue at the next party. As a Grace you are his and you serve him.

Serina who’s spent her whole life training to become a Grace. Its what she wants to help her and her sister have a better life. She lives by the books to be chosen. She’s worried about her sisters rebelliousness but wants to protect her at all costs.

Nomi has spent her life preparing to be her sisters handmaid, to help her whilst in the castle and keep her safe. But shes also rebellious and thinks for herself. She doesn’t buy into the rules and restrictions on her life; she learns to read even though its forbidden. She can’t see why her sister would want to become a Grace as she doesn’t believe it’ll lead to a truly better life.

But things do not go as planned.

One of the key things I loved about this book is that even though the sisters become seperated and on different paths they never once hate each other. They’re still doing what they can in their contricted places to achieve safety and freedom for the other.

I loved reading both point of views because each sister isn’t just what they’ve prepared to be. They both grow so much, adapt to their new worlds, fight in suitable ways to keep suriving.

I think I liked Serina’s view slightly more as the danger was more immediate? Even though I prefer Nomi as a character, she might have been to quick to trust but she was a lot more aware of how the world worked at the start.

Though by the end both girls have a new view of the world and have gained a lot more knowledge!

I enjoyed how the story was told as the chapters alternated the points of view which helped keep its pace and portray key events that were happening to the two sisters at similar times.

Whilst I really enjoyed this book I do think it could’ve been a little longer to allow for more pages to explore the key events that happen in the latter half of the book, but I mean thats mostly just because I need more of my fave right?

(Honestly its length was a perfect I’m just being greedy.)

I’m happy to hear its part of a duology because where the book finishes feel like a good half way mark to the overarching story and the events that book 2 will tackle very much deserve the page count to be explored.

I honestly think I’ll enjoy book 2 even more because from where things are heaidng it appears to be a lot more plotting and action based.

This is a great feminist read about two girls survival in a world where they should have no power or voice. You’re going to go and add this to your shopping cart right now.

4 stars / 5 stars
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