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#YALC | Wrap Up

Young Adult Lit Con| Wrap Up
This is my second year attending YALC, but I didn’t make any posts about it last year because I felt so very overwhelmed and focused on my blog move. This year I’m already on my second. Will there be a third? Possibly.

I’ll be talking about my weekend in this post but if you’d like to visit their website you can do here – I’m likely to attend next year too!

I do highly recommend going, even if its just for one day!

So I didn’t think I was going to take a lot of books with me this year to get signed but I did. A whole 16 books.
DjYng-7WsAAz0dwaOh you’re counting the picture and telling me there is only 15? Yes you’re correct. I also took my ARC of The Bone Season but due to bad queue management I ended up missing out on getting it signed. Boo.

I did get all of the others signed too though. Meeting all of these authors was really amazing and I’m so thankful I got these opportunities.

As well as carrying these back home, I also picked up some freebies and bought a few books too.
20180730_202213aThe first pile I am so incredibly excited for. I’m already a good chunk of the way through The Shadowglass which is awesome, but I have like no one to talk too about it?

Shadow of the Fox was the only book that I actively won in a raffle, the others were picked up when purchasing books or a large amount were handed out by Harper. (Thank you!)

Now before you faint at the pile I bought… they were all super reasonably priced and cheaper than if I had bought them elsewhere. I finally got a copy of Night of Cake and Puppets that wasn’t damaged, third times a charm!

My favourite is the Grisha Trilogy is signed too – and each book was only £5! Also I’m glad to own another Hendrix book, the designs are always amazing.

Obviously from the amount of books signed I got to take a lot of selfies with them. I love doing this as its an easy visual way for me to keep the memories alive.

Yes, Alwyn Hamilton looks flawless as always. Yes, I’m almost in tears in the picture with Laura Steven. And yes, I actually met Tomi Adeyemi?!

I also managed to get a few extra selfies throughout the weekend too!

I still can’t get over it at all. I felt a lot more confident this year and managed to have some actual conversations with people who I admire? Wild huh.

Last year I didn’t take part in any panels or workshops. But this year I did. Or well, just one at least. It was a mixology course with Sarah Holland and it was so much fun.


Last but not definitely not least. The very best part about attending a three day book con is getting to meet all your book blogger / twitter friends in the flesh.

I had so much fun getting to talk to you guys and put a face to a name/handle. So thank you to everyone who said hi to me it really meant a lot.

I can’t wait to see you all again next year, and maybe some others too!

Additionaly Jamie, Stevie, and Shrina were all so lovely to me it really made me feel at home and like I had actually made a small footprint herein the blogging world.

I’m sure you want to know a few other things – the pros and cons of the weekend for example – and I do intend to get another post up getting into some more specifics of things but I’ll save it all for another post.

In short, I had a fab time and the new ARC drop system was a big help in making sure I didn’t come home with books I wasn’t interested in though I do still think there is room for improvement.

Did you attend YALC, if so what was your favourite part? Whichof these books should I prioritse?
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25 thoughts on “#YALC | Wrap Up”

  1. OMG I’m so envy!! Glad that you had a great day!! I wish I lived in US/UK, it’s so hard to be an international reader!

  2. I wonder if it is rude to wait in line for authors when you are only reading e-books because you’re blind and you want to take a picture. Because I don’t have any books to sign. But you can go to the convention without that right? I mean panels and workshops can feel your whole day right? Or preferably more, since I have to fly in.

  3. So sad I couldn’t go! It looked amazing and the book prices were so cheap, I wouldn’t have been able to resist either! Striving to go next year!

  4. It was so lovely to finally meet you! I had a great time this year and I think for the same reason – I was much more confident and spoke to people for the first time! I’m already looking forward to YALC 2019 😀

  5. It looks like you had a lot of fun! And who can resist a book bargain, let alone a signed book bargain! I would not know what to say to some of my favourite authors if I met them in person. I’d probably stand there smiling and end up saying ‘uhh I liked your book’ xD Who were you most excited to meet?

  6. *grabs The Hazel Wood paperback* Hey, Lauren! Thank you for bringing us to YALC through this post. I’m from the Philippines so I can’t really go to events like this.

  7. I had such a great time at YALC and can’t wait to do my little wrap-up post about it. Also, I was kicking myself on the way home when I realised I didn’t get any pictures with anyone D: I don’t really like having my picture taken so I never think of it in the moment, but now I’m sad I don’t have them! I’ll just have to live vicariously through yours xD

  8. AHHH I AM SO JEALOUS!! I wish we had bookish events like this in our country. ♥ Meeting Tomi Adeyemi, Alexandra Christo, etc, would be awesome. AND A SHADOW OF THE FOX BOUND MANUSCRIPT? AHHHHHHHH

  9. This looks like a wonderful event, I love books and might just have to add this to my list of places to go! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I wish there could be a YALC every weekend because I’m seriously missing it already. It was so awesome spending time with you all!
    And massive well done for getting this post up so fast, I’m still working on purely my haul post :’)
    That picture of you and Laura Steven is still the cutest ever too! <3

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