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ARC Poetry Review: sunfish by Shelby Eileen

sunfish by Shelby Eileen
Genre: Poetry | Nofiction
Length: 90 pages
Published on 4th June 2018 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Paltform
Purchase: Amazon | TBD
Shelby Eileen: Twitter | Goodreads
eARC provided by Author

A poetry collection exploring fractured familial relationships, fresh grief surrounding the death of the author’s grandparents from years before, and living in the loss of what could have been. Many of these poems are letters- whether they’ll make it to who they’re meant for is a wearisome wondering, a mystery to be solved in the next life.

I had heard about Shelby’s work after she released soft in the middle and how everyone really enjoyed it so when a friend shared that Shelby was looking for people to review her upcoming poetry collection sunfish I knew I had to see what the fuss was about.

Upon opening the collection I was really impressed with the fact the opening page was a list of content warnings:

This is definitely something that more people need to include in their books as it can really help readers be prepared.

As with all poetry reviews I’ve done I’ll include some that spoke to me the most

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The first two I think are something that could speak to everyone because anxiety, worry, and feeling the pressure to get everything right is very relatable. I liked these a lot.

The last of the three is possibly the shortest of the poems in the book and as my family split up when I was very young so I was lucky to miss out on the last line but it still resonated with me.

But my all time favourite poem in the book is one in which she address her mother and their strained relationship. I’ve included part of it below as this section is what really spoke to me the most as for me it spoke volumes and related to a few things I experience myself.

Not gonna lie I teared up a little bit reading it.

I think being able to see yourself or experiences in poetry really what makes them great, you connect to them in a deeper way.
So those are some of the reasons I loved the poetry collection but there are also a lot that I didn’t connect too at all which kind of hindered my enjoyment at times. I still really enjoyed it and the writing was great as its very clear how personal it is to her so she definitely achieved the intention of this collection amazingly.

I would definitely recommend this to poetry fans!

3.5 stars / 5 stars
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13 thoughts on “ARC Poetry Review: sunfish by Shelby Eileen”

  1. You have a habit of making me want to read books that are in a genre I don’t typically ever look at – now I really want to get into poetry. These are gorgeous and haunting.

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