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My TBR and I are a mess

Reading GoalsMy TBR and I are a mess | Reading Goals

Yesterday (or at least the time I’m writing this) I got to spend the day with Imi from Imi Reviews Books. It was a lovely day but I also instilled some fright into the poor girl.

She got to look at my bookshelves, all of them, (not just the ones I post for Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves) and talk about the books. As two book lovers do.

Unfortunately, this also meant I got to experience first hand the looks of disapproval when she realised what I still needed to read, what I still had bookmarks in, and just y’know in general that I am A Mess™.

Please note: this post contains summaries from Goodreads and affiliate links to purchase the books; you’ll not be charged any extra when purchasing through these.

Together we organised a “SIX BOOK TBR” for the rest of the year that I should aim to complete. I can pick these up at any time. But by the end of 2019 they have to be read.

[Inspiration taken from her 2019 READING GOALS post]

Now you can all look at me with shame as we gaze upon my 6 must-read books:
must read
1) Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor [purchase]

2) Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo [purchase]

3) The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon [purchase]

4) Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. Dao [purchase]

5) V. E. Schwab [purchase]
We couldn’t narrow it down but A Conjuring of Light and Our Dark Duet are the likely choices

6) Jay Kristoff  [purchase]
again, this leaves me with either Nevernight or Illuminae.


Okay, so we did cheat a little bit and you can probably tell which choices Imi heavily influenced. But I did it! I narrowed down to 6ish books that I gotta get finished this year.

Chance are she’s spoken about this in her Browsing Blogger Bookshelf post given that its live now, go check it out.

(Yes this is past me talking about a future thing so phrasing is weird)

Heres to now hoping that I actually do this…

Are any of these your favourites?
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28 thoughts on “My TBR and I are a mess”

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. It gives you some focus, but you have a good deal of time to complete. I really enjoyed The Bone Season! I ended up reading the series one after the other. I also read Strange the Dreamer and I was pleasantly surprised by.

  2. I find it quite hard to keep to a TBR as well so frankly I end up not bothering half the time, but I do think this makes for a much easier way to keep to it. I’ve read Shades of Magic and Six of Crows and both were amazing, I’m also currently reading Nevernight and that’s great too so I think this should make for a really enjoyable TBR.

  3. A six-book TBR sounds like a great way to target your reading! I think I might try and do something like this because my bookshelves to are an absolute mess at the moment. Nevernight is definitely a book that’s been on my shelf for way too long and should definitely get too!

  4. Honestly, who’s not a mess, along with their TBR? I swear my TBR is like a hydra because I finish one book from it and add another 😂😭 Those six books are actually on my TBR too! I read Strange the Dreamer and enjoyed it a lot last year. I’ve been meaning to read the sequel and conclusion for about four months now but I haven’t gotten to it yet 🤦🏻‍♀️ Six of Crows is one of my all time favorite books, so I do hope that you pick it up soon! The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon isn’t on my TBR but I’ve been considering adding it for a while now. The Priory of the Orange Tree by the same author sounds epic & amazing, & I’m kinda interested in The Bone Season’s premise, even though I’ve heard some mixed things about it. And I really need to read those VE Schwab and Jay Kristoff books too! Good luck to both of us 🙈

  5. This is such a good idea! I think I may steal if if that’s ok? Actually well I’m planning on sending you guys pictures of my shelves after YALC and you can pick a bookcase each that I need to read 😅😅

    Some of these will definitely be on my list too!

  6. I love this idea Lauren! If you’re ever down my way, you’ll have to come look at my shelves and we could do it :D I can’t believe you haven’t read Six of Crows and A Conjuring of Light, Imi’s right, you definitely need to read them!

  7. I completely relate to this! I reorganised my shelves yesterday and was shocked at how many books still had bookmarks in them from way too long ago.

  8. I felt this post to the deepest levels of my core 😂 There isn’t a day that goes by where I look at my TBR and whistle as a drop of sweat leaves my forehead lmao. With that said, I can’t wait for you to pick up Illuminae! I highly think you will enjoy it immensely!

  9. The Bone Season and Strange the Dreamer are both on my short list! I will be anxious to see how you like them

  10. I’ve only read Kristoff and Six of Crows 🙈 But I can recommend Illuminae, Nevernight and SoC!!
    I do have a lot of Schwab books though, and I’m planning (?) on reading The Near Witch soon… as much as I plan for anything 😂 I also need to read Shadow and Bone…

  11. My tbr and I are also a mess! I actually put a pause to my NetGalley for this month and will for next month too I think, it’s just…there’s so much to read lol and I needed a small break! I really like the idea for the 6 books, it feels a lot less pressured knowing you have the rest of the year to read them! Good luck!

  12. A six book TBR is a really great idea, but also, once that pressure is on, you betcha I immediately become uninterested in the books!

  13. “Unfortunately, this also meant I got to experience first hand the looks of disapproval when she realised what I still needed to read, what I still had bookmarks in, and just y’know in general that I am A Mess™.”

    Sorry for laughing, but this is so relatable and now I won’t show anyone my shelves for fear of the judgement :P

    I love the idea of the list, though! And you have some solid books on it. Happy reading!

  14. I will add my voice to the cacophony by saying YES to Strange the Dreamer. That quickly moved to the top of the list of my favorite books (which is admittedly a very small list). Taylor is such an amazing writer, and I was fully immersed in the world that she created.

    I still need to read Six of Crows! I am pretty sure that is going to be on my gravestone, I say it so much.

  15. Oh my god, yep I can only imagine the look on her face 😂 and the face/wierdness you must’ve had felt ! ahaha woops.

    Goodluck, you can do it !! Atleast half of them, if anything xx

  16. I’ve heard amazing things about all 8 books you have here, so they seem like pretty good choices and I hope you enjoy them! this is actually such a great idea, since 6 books is much less daunting than however many are on your shelves and makes it easy to start since they’re already picked out … I might try something like this too 🤔

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