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June Theme

This month’s discussion topic is reading slumps and all things related to them. You can follow all the posts on twitter using #DiscussionAttic, and #DAJune for this months topic specifically.


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Above you can view everyone else’s discussion pieces on rating systems and how they feel towards them.

This topic theme really couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Reading slumps are the worst and one of the most feared times in a bloggers lives. I had one for most of April and all of May.

But I am happy to say I survived.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across a reading slump at least once in our blogging lives. And well if you haven’t I just want to say you’re awesome, keep doing what you’re doing because its clearly working for you.

First of all why do reading slumps even exist? We hate them, our books hate them. And yet they seem to pop up every now and then.

Of course, I can only talk from personal experience but here are the main reasons I seem to get reading slumps.

1. I’m having a Bad Time in my real day to day life.
Sometimes life just throws you a bunch of bad days and this can leave you feeling a bit meh about every single thing. Unfortunately this means my focus for reading isn’t Great and I kind of find myself jumping from book to book.

2. I’ve read so much that I’m massively behind on reviews.
Like say when I broke my wrist and read a lot but staying on top of the reviews wasn’t easy so I let some a lot slip through and I’m still treading water to stay afloat.

3. I have a bookish commitment but actually I want to read that book.
This is why I do less and less blog tours and reviews with set dates because I know the moment I pick that book up to be prepared for the day I need to blog about it…. I want to read every other book in existence.

I think those are probably the three big offenders. No doubt there are others too though.

So how do I recommend tackling them?

1. Read a shorter book, such as poetry, graphic novel, or a manga.
The lack of progression during a reading slump only adds fuel to the fire as we wallow in sadness. Picking up a short and easy to read book will help you finish something and feel better as you have achieved something you thought was unheard of – FINISHING A BOOK. I read a few of these to keep some sort of progress going but I didn’t pick ones that I loved enough that encouraged me to continue reading. So choose wisely.

D3I4uCgW4AArzfa2. Reread a favourite or read the book that is calling to you.
For me this was one and the same, Other Words for Smoke simply wouldn’t leave my head and it wasn’t till I accepted this fate and finished my reread that I felt ready to start moving on with new books.

3. Let the time pass.
Whilst giving in to my needs and finishing OWFS again I did still feel a little off my game. Life still isn’t 100% fab, I still have things I gotta sort out, but as I draw closer to a happier balance in life my reading has definitely improved. Obviously if life is effecting you this much you just gotta ride it out but sometimes not having the joy of reading is enough to try and find a way.

I also asked on Instagram what book has helped get you out of a reading slump and The Flame and the Arrow, Can You Keep a Secret?, Frenchman’s Creek, and The Starlight Watchmaker were some of the suggestions.

That brings me to the end of my little discussion post, no doubt many of us will have similar coping methods for reading slumps but I’m still excited to browse the rest of the groups posts. I’m glad I’m still fairly certain mine has passed and I hope to keep it this way with a stella choice of books lined up for me.

Whats your opinion on how to tackle reading slumps?
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26 thoughts on “Reading Slumps | The Bloggers in the Attic”

  1. I totally relate to this post. I was in a book slump last month and only read two new to me books and a bunch of rereads.

    Real life has not been going great the last week but I’m still trying to get the mojo back. It’s taking it’s time. P.S. Can you keep a secret is good! I like Sophie Kinsella, she is one of my reread go to’s.

  2. ah so glad that your slump is gone now! currently I am in boat #2, where I read a bunch of books in a row (for Asian Lit Bingo prompts) but didn’t write reviews so now I have a bunch of them left to do and I don’t want to do them and I don’t really wanna finish any more books bc then I have to write those reviews too and repeat and repeat …

    and I see #3 a lot too, especially when I have lots of ARCs! it’s why I try to sign up for book tours with organizers that I know will get me the materials far enough ahead in advance that I can read the book to procrastinate another book, which I’ve found is the best way to trick my brain into getting the book read and reviewed by the tour date 😅

    great minds think alike probably bc I actually just read the first two volumes of Umbrella Academy (the comics) to get back into the flow of reading and reviewing, which is nice since I don’t feel obligated to write super-detailed reviews for comics or poetry or suchlike! rereading favorites is definitely also a go-to method, though you’re absolutely right, sometimes you just gotta wait it out.

  3. I’ll mix up the genres or head to my favourite authors in my go-to genres to feel grounded again. I also like lists, so I have a list of books in order that they come in for reviews, with dates that I took them on and often dates by which they need reviewing. It is a big motivator.

  4. I’m currently going through number 2 for the reading slump – I refuse to read a book until I write the reviews I need to but I can’t write the reviews and it is a vicious cycle. But! Re-reading sounds like SUCH A GOOD IDEA to keep my momentum and also not add another review to do to my pile. Thank you!

  5. When I’m going through a reading slump I usually do no. 2: rereading a favourite book or I read fanfiction, it usually helps pull me out of my reading slump.

  6. I procrastinated so hard in May it’s spilling over into this month and I’ve been rushing to keep up, I’ve almost hit some slumps but I’ve learned to just let myself go a day or two without reading and a book or two that are obligation free. I loved your advice, they were all really good points that help me get out of slumps!

  7. I feel you girl! I’ve been in a slump for most of the year! I still haven’t figured out what helps really. Sometimes rereading, sometimes reading short romancy books, but sometimes nothing works 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Great post! Currently, somehow, I am finding that I have so many books I want to read (some for blog tours too) that I can’t find the energy to pick and commit to pick up just one 😂

  9. I’ve recently gone through a reading slump too and I totally get what you mean about blog tours etc. It seems that when I HAVE to read something I always want to read something else! A short book definitely helps, or something that is super fast paced :)

  10. I’ve been on an extended reading slump and currently things in my life have gotten a bit intense, so it seems like it might last a little longer than I’d like. My only tip is take your time, don’t force yourself to read just for the sake of it, you’ll end up resenting reading, won’t enjoy the book and it will only make getting out of the slump harder. Go for something that you genuinely are excited about reading, even if it isn’t what you “should” be reading.

  11. I couldn’t relate more! For the past few months I’ve been in category 1 where life (but mostly uni) just threw too much at me to even think about reading, but then I read Sheets and it completely got me back into it.

  12. I was in a slump through April and May as well. For some reason, these two months are the worst for me, every year. But I can feel myself coming out of it. I am beginning to enjoy the act of reading again.

  13. 2. I’ve read so much that I’m massively behind on reviews. – can definitely relate to this and then that puts me in a blogging and reading slump because I feel pressured to blognandnnot read 🙈

  14. Such a relatable post! I’m really hoping my months-long slump is starting to come to an end now that I’ve got a few books I’m really excited about to start reading

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