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Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver by Lois Lowry
Series: The Giver #1
Genre: Science Fiction | Dystopia
Length: 240 pages
Published on 1st July 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Lois Lowry: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
I borrowed a copy as part of the Travelling Book Project

“I have great honor,” The Giver said. “So will you. But you will find that is not the same as power.”

Life in the community where Jonas lives is idyllic. Designated birthmothers produce newchildren, who are assigned to appropriate family units: one male, one female, to each. Citizens are assigned their partners and their jobs. No one thinks to ask questions. Everyone obeys. The community is a world without conflict, inequality, divorce, unemployment injustice…or choice.

Everyone is the same.

Except Jonas.

At the Ceremony of Twelve, the community’s twelve-year-olds eagerly accept their predetermined Life Assignments. But Jonas is chosen for something special. He begins instruction in his life’s work with a mysterious old man known only as The Giver. Gradually Jonas learns that power lies in feelings. But when his own power is put to the test—when he must try to save someone he loves—he may not be ready. Is it too soon? Or too late?

It has a been a while (see: a year or so) since I read this book but I couldn’t just leave my thoughts unvoiced.

I originally didn’t want to read this book as (yikes) I really disliked the cover.

Luckily the rest of the book was much better than the cover.

The Giver is an amazing story that follows 11 year old Jonas in a society that is very controlling. There is lack of free will, daily medications to control emotions, and very strict language rules.

Jonas is nervous about becoming a 12 as this is when a job will be assigned to him and unlike his friends who’re all pretty sure they know where they’ll end up. Jonas isn’t.

He’s questioned a few things. But even more once he stars to see things.

Its this ability that lands him his job of The Giver. A role rarely given. A role rarely spoken about. In fact, the last Giver died.

As there are so many things that don’t exist in Jonas’ world until he becomes The Giver in training its an absolute delight to read about him discovering all these news things, emotions, colours, and history.

The story really gets you to question the rules that are in place in his society, it explores everything thoroughly so you’re left with very few questions, and its such a powerful read to see what a young boy with all this new knowledge must struggle with and act upon.

Honestly, everyone really needs to read this book. Its so important.

& lastly, my apologies for leaving this so long as the review is not as thorough as I would’ve liked but really if you read the book you’ll know you’ve made a right decision.

5 stars / 5 stars

I will continue this series as I’ve since bought the full quartet, its just a matter of when at this point.


20 thoughts on “Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry”

  1. Great review!

    I’ve only just recently started reading The Giver series; finishing the Gathering Blue the other night. As much as everyone has said it, I hadn’t quite realized how much of a core dystopian YA The Giver is. The simplicity in the story makes you focus on so the whole idea of questioning societal rules, which is something that more modern dystopians seem to skim past.

  2. Love your review. I like that you didn’t give too many details, since it made me curious a little bit more about the book. When I worked at a school we showed the movie to the kids in my class. They were pretty impressed by it. I know seeing the movie is not the same thing as reading the book, but I’ve been curious ever since about the book. I wonder about the different changes they made.

    1. From memory the changes were the action at the end / job his male friend got and how they introduced the job situation at the start. In the movie it’s all focused on the babies and I think that’s because what happens with them is such a key part of the story.

      It really blew me away and it’s definitely a book that gets you thinking and reflecting

  3. I have yet to start reading this series and I watched the movie but I guess, as a bookworm, you gotta read the book no matter what the film was like so this has been a want to read title for so long but I just can’t seem to land a copy of it. Anyway, this is on my wish list for the new year and hopefully it’ll be in my hands this time <3 Loved the review, Lauren! :)

  4. That is an awesome cover. I have glimpsed the movie, but when I realized I am kind of interested, I just ditched the room, so I could read the book later xD #typicalBookwormBehavior

    You disliked the cover? :O different tastes then! LOL

    I wonder when I’ll get to read this one (I don’t have it), but I know I really want to.

  5. I read this book a long while ago, when I was in secondary school. And I found it to be so good back then and very intriguing in the way it portrayed society and the uglier elements that people want to hide away. I have to agree though – not a huge fan of the cover. I’m glad you like the book though!

    My blog:

  6. I read The Giver last year and I even wrote a paper for one my MA classes about it. It’s a really intriguing dystopia with some interesting concepts, such as Sameness and everyone seeing in black/white/grey hues.

    I haven’t read the following books yet, but I’ve them on my shelf – too many books, so little time.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  7. It’s been a while since I read a proper dystopian novel but this sounds very intriguing indeed. I might have to pick it up once I get through the masses of unread books I already own!

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