Beat the Backlist | Sign Up Post

Beat the Backlist: Sign Up
The lovely Austine from Novel Knight is hosting her #BeatTheBacklist challenge for 2018 again.
If you want to sign up too check out her post here.

My Goals | This is hard

The starting point for me is to figure out how many books I own that I haven’t read that were published before 2018.

a few hours later…

Okay, yikes. I own 390 books published before 2018 that I haven’t read.

Lets be realistic with my goals though hey?

1. I would like to read 15 books from my backlist
2. I would like to finish up The Gemma Doyle Trilogy and catch up with the Throne of Glass series.
3. Start and finish ACOMAF to stop Amy, Becky, and Beth from bugging me to do so.

Possible TBR?

Honestly whilst I want to sit down and pick out the books I want to read next year I did that this year and didn’t read many of them.

Perhaps I’ll try and pick them out bimonthly to give me some room to alter my list?

I know I’ve included some books in my goals but thats mostly just due to friends needs.

Anyway, look forward to beating the backlist with you!

Edit: I’m on team Dewey Dragons!



12 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist | Sign Up Post”

  1. I’m entering the Beat The Backlist challenge too! This sounds like a good enough plan to get that TBR under control and I liked the idea of updating the TBR every other month or two. Good luck and see you there, haha! :D

      1. Yay! That’s super fine, slow readers are amazing and reading is all that matter, not the number, right? :D

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