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Rewind: Haul Post (2)


So for those of you who don’t know prior to this blog I used to blog under the same name on blogger (it now redirects here so, sorry, but you can’t check it out) from 2011.

I thought it would be interesting to go back and view my first ever haul posts to see what books I got and whether or not I ever read them.

Previous haul rewinds: one

In my mailbox (3)

Oh this is old. Way back before all the drama so prior to me taking part in Talk Supes’ Bought, Borrowed, and Bagged.

“It’s a day late, oh no! Oh well, I had a legitimate reason though, with a banging headache yesterday I tried to avoid the computed except for necessities, and by that I mean finishing up my Art Evaluation. During this week I didn’t actually buy anything but instead got this book out from the Library for my college book club, not only does it have a beautiful cover, it sounds pretty interesting!”


Oh wow I even read this one too, probably helped it was for a book club so I had to return the copy. It was a beautiful read but not a favourite. Specifically for this post I’ve also copied over my original review of it so you can see my full thoughts from back then.

In my mailbox (4)

*Jumps with joy* I read both of these too.

I won an eCopy of The Brilliant Darkness and Death of a Murderer was the next book for my book club at college.

I loved This Brilliant Darkness so much that I ended up getting review copies for a lot of Red Tash’ other books (until I y’know fell out of the blogging sphere). As with my previous books I’ve copied over my original review of This Brilliant Darkness, along with all my other Red Tash reviews.

Death of a Murderer kind of surpirsed me … in the sense that I didn’t realise it was non-fiction and I found the start very dull. I ended up DNFing it pretty quickly, but here are my thoughts from back then.

Have you read all your books you’ve hauled since blogging?


5 thoughts on “Rewind: Haul Post (2)”

  1. I love The Boy with Cuckoo Clock Heart, Lauren. It’s also an animated / marionette movie in French, and it’s so, so good! The antagonist’s voice is a famous French slam poet, and I could listen to him all day, every day :)
    I don’t know the other books you mentioned, but I’ll check out if they need to be on my shelves, too ;)

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