About Northern Plunder
Northern Plunder is a personal book blog which was created during October 2011 by Lauren due to her huge love for books, and with hopes to create a space on the web where she can share her thoughts and opinions on books read, provide recommendations and to take part in various book challenges and events whilst also being able to interact with followers and fellow book bloggers.
As time passed Northern Plunder has continued to expand to various other reach of the web and also welcomed new co-blogger Nia during June 2012 when they met through a YouTube collaboration.
During July 2013 Northern Plunder starting making the move to WordPress after the legendary blogger deletions, she’s still unsure of whether she’s moved properly yet…
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Northern Plunder founder
I am a teenage bibliophile and obviously spend a lot of my free time reading,
collecting and smelling books. Yes smelling, don’t deny you don’t because if you’re here the chances are you probably do! I also have a ridiculous obsession with buying and collecting books to the extent that I’m almost running out of room for them and can buy faster than I can read. I hope this blog will help encourage me to get through my never-ending to read shelf, but also to be able to review with more confidence. Speaking of confidence, I am very shy which probably explains why I’m happy with a stack of books than a group of people. Outside of reading I also have a passion for gaming and currently run a YouTube channel with three friends in which we air our PC gaming, which is a lot of fun. I also watch a lot of television series and films which I could happily talk about all day too, Whedon is a legend.
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email: northernplunder@gmail.com 

About Nia
Somewhat retired reviewer

Hello there I’m a seventeen year old book worm from Wales who reads an awful lot of books. I love everything about books, I do have an E-reader but I much prefer a real solid book in my hands. I would have a house filled with books if I could afford them all, or at least become some sort of master book thief stealing whatever books I want. I’m hoping to spend my days reading and writing, so blogging about books incorporates two of my favorite things. I’m hoping by starting blogging that it will encourage me to continue to read once I go back to school, this is unfortunately when my reading becomes more sporadic so I’ve made it my mission to read more often during school.
I’m involved with the booktubing channel FAFicton which something I’m really excited about and so far have been really enjoying. I really enjoy T.V especially shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who and House there’s a million others but these three are my constant favorites, so my tumblr is filled with gifs and stills of the characters and also the Avengers. Unfortunately I’m still stuck in school doing my Alevels, so just in case your interested I’m doing History, English and Biology.
Links: Goodreads | Tumblr | Twitter | Fanatical About Fiction YT

Currently Hosting For:
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