About Northern Plunder

Northern Plunder

Northern Plunder is a personal book blog which was created during October 2011 by Lauren due to her love for books. Her hopes were to create a space on the web where she could share her thoughts and opinions on books she has read, provide recommendations, and to take part in various book challenges and events whilst also being able to interact with followers and fellow book bloggers. As time passed Northern Plunder has continued to expand to various other reach of the web.As of August 2017 Northern Plunder has been hosted on WordPress. Lauren was finally brave enough to make the move.

Lauren also runs an online book club / chat too which you can read about and join via this link.


Northern Plunder is a personal book blog so posts will express both positive and negative reviews/opinions as the writers remain honest in their posts. Our opinions will no way be effected when books are from a third party and our opinions do not reflect those of our followers.

Northern Plunder claims no credit for any images used on the blog, unless otherwise specified. The images on this blog belong to their respectful owners, and most book cover images are taken from Goodreads. Should you find an image on this blog that belongs to you, and you’d like it removed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Due to the FTC Guidelines for blogging, Northern Plunder would like to state that all books reviewed here will be honest views, we are in no way compensated for reviews of any kind from publishers or authors and we will state whether the book is from a third party this also does not reflect my review in any way.

Northern Plunder is part of the Amazon Associates and The Book Depository Affiliates programmes, if a book is purchased from this blog through a link to the Amazon UK or The Book Depository, a small commission will be given to Northern Plunder at no extra cost to you, this is highly appreciated and the money will be used to fund a giveaway and/or to support the book club.


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