About Northern Plunder

Northern Plunder

Northern Plunder is a personal book blog which was created in October 2011 due to Laurens love for books. Her hopes were to create a space on the web where she could share her thoughts and opinions on books she has read, provide recommendations, and to take part in various book challenges and events whilst also being able to interact with fellow book bloggers.

As time passed Northern Plunder has continued to expand to various other reach of the web. As of August 2017 Northern Plunder has been hosted on WordPress.

Lauren also runs an online book club / chat too which you can read about and join via this link.


Hi! I’m Lauren, I’m in my twenties, and from the UK. I’m probably most recognisable by the fact my hair is usually a shade of blue, green, or purple. Maybe even a mix of the three.

I work part time as a bookseller which means I’m basically living and breathing books all the time.

Since 13th January 2016 I have been running an online book club (for people who are 18 or older) that is now 1100+ members strong. I talk here daily about books and general life things. Its a lovely community that I pour my soul into and I’m very proud of it.

But I do have a few hobbies outside of reading too – they maybe get a little neglected now and then.

Video games are possibly the biggest time consumer outside of book related things.

I also have a degree in illustration so sometimes (not very often lately though) I draw things. Bullet Journalling has filled my creative void for the time being.

Feel free to talk to me about any of my hobbies! I’ll reply quickest on Discord or Twitter.

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