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Unboxing The Dark Side | OwlCrate April 2019

Unboxing OwlCrate the dark side april 2019Whilst I was off sick I decided to work my behind off and sell some older book box merch so I could afford to buy April’s The Dark Side box from OwlCrate cause I knew it sounded like my cup of tea.

I was over the moon when it arrived as whilst I’ve already mentioned that BookHookedBox was my favourite due to not having to unhaul any item, this was definitely the close second because I adored most of the items inside and could tell instantly I didn’t waste my money.

By now everyone’s box has definitely arrived so keep reading to see what we got and what I thought of each item. Continue reading “Unboxing The Dark Side | OwlCrate April 2019”

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Januarys Book Haul | 40+ books to add to your TBR

jan book haulJanuarys Book Haul | 40+ books to add to your TBR

Remember in December when I made a post about my reading goals for 2019 in which I said “I’d also like to seriously cut down on the amount of books I get“? *cackles uncontrollably* Yeah me either apparently.

So I suggest you keep reading to see what a mess I put myself in with my TBR pile and yes I got more books than there are days in January.

Please note: this post contains summaries from Goodreads and affiliate lonks to purchase the books; you’ll not be charged any extra when purchasing through these. Continue reading “Januarys Book Haul | 40+ books to add to your TBR”

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Unboxing The Wicked King Limited Edition Box from OwlCrate

TWCWKBLook no one should be surprised when I say I finished work early the day the OwlCrate Limited Edition Wicked King box went on sale! The cost was more than I’d like to admit for shipping to the UK but its honestly one of the best boxes I’ve purchased.

Honestly we can all blame Toasty for gifting me her OwlCrate copy of The Cruel Prince as that pretty much solidified a purchase of The Wicked King cover to match. At this point if they don’t do one for The Queen of Nothing then I might, I dunno, do something inspired by Jude’s antics.

I know this is a pretty late unboxing but I wanted to make sure enough time had passed that this wouldn’t be a spoiler for anyone! Keep reading to find out what was inside and what I thought of the items. Continue reading “Unboxing The Wicked King Limited Edition Box from OwlCrate”