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Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | Anthony from Keep Reading Forward


Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | written by Anthony from Keep Reading Forward.

As you may know I’m away for a long weekend as a birthday treat so I very kindly asked the #NewBloggers group if anyone would like to guest post whilst I was gone.

One of my BooksandTea moderators – Anthony – said he’d love to take part but wasn’t sure on the topic. I can’t think of Anthony without thinking about his love for Funkos so I suggested this topic which he loved.

Keep reading to find out which books he thinks should have Funko Pops!

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Books and Tea Book Club, Meet the Members

Books and Tea: Meet the Members | Anthony

books and tea meet hte membner
Books and Tea |
Meet the Members

I run an online book club called Books and Tea and I love it dearly. I mean obviously I do or I wouldn’t still be running it.

I also wouldn’t be able to run it without the members as their activity within the club and their love for it too keeps it active and running smoothly.

I’m big on supporting the members and showing my appreciation for them and what better way to do so than to have guest posts from them – and thats what this feature will be.

For now I’m posting one every two weeks and I’ve provided the members with 4 open questions to answer and then a space to talk about anything they’d like – something they’re a fan of, something they do outside of the book club, or something they’re passionate about.
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