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[cancelled] Dark Dominions Fantasy Antholoy | Supporting Gender Equality #Ad

Dark Dominions Banner 2[cancelled] Dark Dominions Fantasy Antholoy | Supporting Gender Equality

Please note the Kickstarter has currently been cancelled. I was excited about this project but have been told it is not going forward; sorry about that. Hopefully they’ll release some information on whether they intend to go forward at a later date.

Earlier this month the lovely people at WriterWriterMorgan Wright and David Collins – reached out asking if I’d like to feature their upcoming Kickstarter on my blog to help spread the word.

As I love fantasy books and anthologies are a great way to be introduced to a lot of new authors I knew I’d be saying yes to helping with promotion. I’ll also get to review a copy once its published.

The Kickstarter will launch in a few days – 1st March – and run until 2nd April and will feature at least 16 stories! It’ll be written by female and male authors equally too. Keep reading to find out more detailed information. Update: Kickstarter has been cancelled due to unexpected priorities Continue reading “[cancelled] Dark Dominions Fantasy Antholoy | Supporting Gender Equality #Ad”