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2019 Reading Goals | Bookending Winter

BKW RGReading Goals for the New Year | Setting out a plan for what you’d like to read in 2019
For my final day hosting Bookending Winter I’ve given us the chance to set out some goals we’d like to achieve next year when reading. I picked this for two reasons; one that I never made any goals for 2018 and two, we’ve all just shared recommendations so maybe you want to pick up something another blogger shared.

If you’ve written your own post for this prompt please feel free to leave a link in the comments so myself and others can see your Fireside Favourites! Alternatively you can tag me on twitter.

For this post I will just be focusing on reading and bookish goals but if you want to add in some blogging goals too feel free. Continue reading “2019 Reading Goals | Bookending Winter”

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2017 Goals

My plan was always to post this at the end of January to give me a month to settle into one of my goals and think how else I want this year to go. It took me way longer than it should’ve to write this because I had idea for what I wanted to include but the moment I came to typing my mind went blank.


But I have succeeded and made a post, so keep reading to see my goals for this year.

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