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Video Game Review: Epistory

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Epistory – Typing Chronicles by
Fishing Cactus

Genre: Adventure | Indie
Released: 30th March 2016
Gifted to me on Steam from a friend

Synopsis: Epistory is an atmospheric adventure typing game that tells the story of a writer lacking inspiration who asks her muse to help write her latest book.

In Epistory you play the muse, a fictional character in a world where everything is untold. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but the world will soon become larger and livelier as you gather inspiration, solve its mysteries and defeat its enemies. From movement to opening chests and fighting in epic battles, every element in the game is controlled exclusively with the keyboard.

As you progress and explore the fantasy origami world, the story literally unfolds in the writer’s mind and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

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Video Game Haul | Enjoying the Steam Sales

video game haulVAIDEO GAME HAUL | Making the most of the sales.
So I had been wanting to post an end of year Video Game haul since early January but whener I came work on it I suddenly found I had very little energy for it. Now here I am with a broken wrist and more than enough time so lets go!

All games and gaming consoles mentioned within were purchased with my own money or given to me as gifts from friends or family. This post is not sponsored in anyway.
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Games&Dev | Do you like video games?


Games&Dev | Discord chat for gamers
Hopefully by now Discord is not a new thing for my readers as I’ve spoken about this super handy app before as I host my book club on it. But I’m here today to talk about a server that I somewhat help mod – Gams&Dev which is run by Akselmo.

Games&Dev is a small community for people who like playing and/or making video games. Recently we also added in a section for those who blog about video games too! So please click here to join if any of this sounds of interest to you – or keep reading to know more.
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