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That Monsters Can Be Defeated | RoAnna Sylver Guest Post

guest postttThat Monsters Can Be Defeated | written by RoAnna Sylver

For the month of October I’m hosting Spooks and Tea where we aim to consume as much horror, or spooky, books as possible. This also fits in nicely with blogoween!

I also wanted to do something a little different and fun this year so I reached out to a few authors to see if any would be interested in taking part whether that be through guest posts or Q&A’s.

RoAnna was super lovely and agreed to write a guest post! I gave her free range on what she’d like to write about; whether it be horror recommendations, talking about favourite spooky creatures or something totally different.

In the end she decided to write about what Good Horror is supposed to be vs when it becomes Bad Horror.

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Book Exclusives

Cover Reveal: Life Within Parole, Volume 2 by RoAnna Sylver

212123.pngHey I’m back at it again to do a cover reveal of RoAnna‘s work because I adored reading Stake Sauce and her work is super inclusive. This is a short story collection which you can pre-order now for a special early price, links can be found further in this post.

Life Within Parole, Volume 2 is best read after Chameleon Moon and Life Within Parole, Volume 1. You’ll have also met the characters in The Lifeline Signal too. But theres no harm in you keep reading to see the cover for it, is there?
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ARC Review: Stake Sauce, Arc 1 by RoAnna Sylver

Stake Sauce by RoAnna Sylver
Series: Stake Sauce #1
Genre: Paranormal | LGBT | Vampires
Length: 193 pages
Published on 31st October 2017 by The Kraken Collective
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | TBD
RoAnna Sylver: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Purchased for myself from Waterstones

ARC 1, IN WHICH: A cute punk-rock vampire and a disabled firefighter-turned-mall-cop with a dark past join forces to battle the forces of evil.
Jude used to leap out of helicopters to rescue/protect people from terrifying infernos. Now, by day, he protects the local mall from rowdy teenagers who ride their skateboards inside. By night, he protects the the parking lot, and the rest of Portland, from undead, bloodsucking creatures of the darkness. Or would if he could find them.But he’s just about ready to give it up (living with PTSD and pain from the traumatic event that cost him a leg, a friend, and a lot more is hard enough), when something crashes into his life. And his window.It’s one of these creatures of the darkness – and he’s a lot less scary than expected. More cuddly, with dark fuzzy wings, and neon-bright hair.

His name is Pixie, and he refuses to bite anyone. Assault/murder/draining fluids isn’t punk, even if being a vampire really kind of is. He’s very hungry by now, and the much bigger, meaner, deadlier vamps kick him around on the nightly. Jude would love to find and fight some actual undead bullies. And Pixie could use some help staying… ‘alive.’ Time to make a deal.

Together they fight crime. And maybe even heal.

Of course, life still sucks when you’re a vampire who refuses to suck blood. Fortunately, there’s a really interesting new barbecue restaurant in the mall, with an intriguing new recipe. (We hear that the secret ingredient is… love. No, really.)

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Book Exclusives

Cover Reveal: Stake Sauce by RoAnna Sylver

It has been a long time since I’ve taken part in a cover reveal but. RoAnna’s work comes to me highly recommended and I’ve already put aside three of her books to read next month in my goal to read more indie authors.

So when I saw her offering the chance to do a cover reveal for her new vampire book. And gosh you know I’m a sucker for Vampires.

It’s a fun, creepy, and dark-but- hopeful serial about queer punk vampires and the humans who love them, and release on Halloween!
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