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#NYALitFest 2019 | A lil wrap up

nyalitNYALitFest | Northern Literary Festival in Preston
This post will be about my time at NYALit Fest back in March. I was very excited to attend as book events are always a good excuse to see great friends and meet fab authors.

I was even more excited about this as it was 2 days before my cast came off so it was my last outing struggling with only 1 hand. Now, this post is a little late but alas reminiscing about good days is a great way to pass the time.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend either of the events I really would recommend trying the next one. I love the fact its in the North so it was much easier for me to attend and it was a free event too!
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Books and Tea Book Club | Events in April


Books and Tea Book Club | Events in April
Its time for our monthly check-in with what we’re doing over at Books and Tea – for more overall information on my Book Club check out this post! ForApril we have two lil events happening, keep reading to find out more.
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