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Graphic Novel Review: The Windy Day by Tony Sandoval

The Windy Day by Tony Sandoval
Genre: Fantasy | Children | Graphic Novel
Length: 33 pages
Published on 14th May 2019 by Lion Forge Comics
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A young girl sets out on her own to fly her kite and encounters a pirate cloud full of goblins looking to cause trouble. She is rescued by a big black wolf who scare the goblins away and stays to help her fly her kite as high as possible…

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Graphic Novel Review: Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval

Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval
Genre: Fantasy | Graphic Novel
Length: 144 pages
Published on 20th November 2018 by Lion Forge Comics
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Mila is a quiet, solitary teenager ready to put another boring summer vacation behind her until she meets Agnes, an intriguing adventurous girl who turns out to be a ghost. And not just a regular ghost, but one carrying the essence of a fallen king, and a mouth full of teeth that used to be guardian warriors. She introduces Mila to a wondrous world of secret places and magic that exists deep beneath the ocean, and the occult battle for freedom that approaches…

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