Review Requests

Review Requests: Open

If you’re an author or publisher and would like Lauren from Northern Plunder to review your book, please read the following before contacting her, thank you. If Lauren has reviewed a book for you before she will try to accommodate your book into her schedule – though not always guaranteed.

All reviews written here are Lauren’s honest thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the book read. Whether they’re positive is not something she can guarantee because she wants to provide honest recommendations to her readers.

After the reviews have been published here they will also be copied to her goodreads, twitter, amazon (slight backlog here – bare with me), and possibly tumblr too (do people still like this platform?).

Please keep in mind that Northern Plunder is a UK blog.

Whilst we aim to read and review all books accepted as quickly as possible, this is not our job and our day-to-day lives will take priority.

Contact information:

Types of books accepted:

Whilst physical copies are preferred, due to reading speed, Lauren also uses a kindle to read so .mobi file types are accepted too.

Published and self-published books are both welcome, whether they’re accepted falls entirely on their genre and synopsis.

Lauren will not read a book series out of order.

Genre Preferences:
Dystopian / Utopia
Paranormal / Supernatural
Science Fiction

If you have noticed that Lauren has previously read a book outside of these genres mentioned and believe that she may enjoy your book too then feel free to get in contact. Though keep in mind it may not be as such a high priority for her.

Lauren mostly reads Young Adult fiction, but will happily consider Adult fiction and Middle Grade fiction when its at the older edge of the target audience bracket.

Lastly, Lauren loves to read comics, graphic novels, and manga so feel free to send review requests for those too.