Books, Brains n Blood Read-a-thon Goals & Updates

Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon
The Books, Brains ‘n Blood Read-a-thon is hosted by April and Pabkins at My Shelf Confessions, its a 5 day read-a-thon from 2nd – 6th August. Below are my goals and each day I will update this post to show my progress, normally I’d post individually for each day but I don’t want to clutter everyone up for once and this should make everything easier to see. If I take part in any challenges I may post those separately, haven’t decided yet!
* Read and/or finish off at least 4 books
* Visit as many blogs possible each day
* Attend one of the twitter parties – #VampvsZomb
* Participate in at least 2 challenges

Endure by Laura Diamond
Percentage Read: 20%

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Pages Read: 122

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 6%

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 122 & 26%

I’m proud of my first day, it feels like I’ve been successful because I listened to myself and finished off what I needed too before moving on! I also visit my Dads on Fridays which takes up a lot of my time, we finished watching the latest season of Warehouse 13, started Orphan Black and S5 of Breakin Bad and watched two episodes of Revolution. I didn’t do any blog hopping as I don’t take my laptop there but it’s been a great day! :)

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 20%

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 122 & 46%

Much slower second day but hey I kind off expected the when I didn’t get up until *whispers* 1 in the afternoon. I joined in the twitter chat until the need to read (or you know being threatened with baby zombies happened) kicked in but also big thanks to Frodo (or Eric) for gifting me a copy of Touched! Hopefully I can start reading that tomorrow :)

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 35%

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Pages Read: 55

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 177 & 81%

I’m absolutely adoring By Blood, I was hoping to start another book too but this one has held my attention really well! As you can see I’m also doing a re-read of Mockingjay which is because I’m reading it aloud to my best friend, only read two chapters and felt like I was going to loose my voice!

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 22%

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Pages Read: 28

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 205 & 103%

My days are rolling into one, I could have sworn today was Sunday and it wasn’t until I looked here to update this I realised it wasn’t. I’m confused. Any how, reading out loud is really time consuming, it really sticks out to me just how quick I read usually.

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 17%

Catalyst by Jennifer Snyder
Percentage Read: 10%

Overall Books Completed: 3
Overall Pages Read: 205 & 130%

Wow this came to an end so quickly! I have no idea where the time went. I rewatched Serenity today instead of reading but it was worth it haha. I’ll be stopping by everyone’s posts tomorrow, hope you all did well! I didn’t hit my goal of 4 books but that doesn’t matter, I had fun and really enjoyed all the books I’ve been reading.

Howling Heart by April Bostic – Book Blitz

BB Book Tours

The Howling Heart by April Bostic

Expected Publication: 1st April 2013
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate who aspires to reach the top of the corporate ladder. She’s climbing fast when given the promotion of a lifetime at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City. Her bright future comes to an unexpected halt after news of her father’s death. She inherits his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies and just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse, she has a car accident in the mountains and awakens in the small, remote community of Black River. Soon she’s engulfed in the mystical world of Varulv—wolves descended from 12th century Scandinavia and blessed by Norse gods with the ability to appear human. Paige is desperate to return home, but never expects to fall for her rescuer, Riley Gray, a charming young werewolf from England who offers her an alternate future with his pack. Now she must choose between the career she’s always wanted and the love she’s always dreamed.

Goodreads | Amazon*
When purchasing through this link, I will earn a small amount, once I have enough saved up I’ll put it towards a giveaway.

April Bostic: Website | Goodreads 

I’m not going to lie, I am more than excited about this book and wish I could get my hands on it. Alas, I’m too busy getting ready to move and I really need to save those pennies! 

July Wrap Up

July Wrap Up:
Another good month for reading, I’m slowly getting caught up on reviews too! Man that week away in the sun was great for reading. How are your challenges going? Read anything great this month?
Women Author Challenge – COMPLETED
1. Pandora Hearts Volume 2 by Jun Mochizuki
2. The Archived (Sneak Peak) by Victoria Schwab [review]
3. Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
4. Princess by Courtney Cole [review]
5. Geek Girl by Holly Smale [review]
6. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire [review]
7. Dahlia by Christina Channelle [review]
8. Fallen Tears by Christina Channelle [review]
9. Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning
10. Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay
11. Imaginable by J. Meyers [review]
13. A Unique Rabbit by Red Tash
14. Pandora Hearts Volume 3 by Jun Mochizuki
15. Pandora Hearts Volume 4 by Jun Mochizuki
16. The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood
17. Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee
18. Marked by P.C. Cast
19. Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson [review]

Total: 19 / 10

1. Extras by Scott Westerfeld [review]
2. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion [review]
3. Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
4. Boarded Windows by Isaac Marion
5. Word War Z by Max Brooks

Total: 5 / 6

1. The Unwords by Unauthor [review]
2. Snow White Blood Red by Cameron Jace [review]
4. Beauty Never Dies by Cameron Jace [review]
5. Ladle Rat Rotten Hut by Cameron Jace [review]
6. Mary Mary Quite Contrary by Cameron Jace [review]
7. Blood Apples by Cameron Jace [review]
8. Once Beauty Twice Beast by Cameron Jace
9. Moon and Madly by Cameron Jace
10. Princess by Courtney Cole [review]
11. Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
12. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire [review]
13. Dahlia by Christina Channelle [review]
14. Fallen Tears by Christina Channelle [review]
15. Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay
16. Imaginable by J. Meyers [review]
17. Rowan by Christina Channelle [review]
18. A Unique Rabbit by Red Tash
19. Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee*

Total: 19 / 16

*Please note: I’m unsure whether to count this book because she has been published before but this particular book was self-published so?
1. Extras by Scott Westerfeld [review]
2. Pandora Hearts Volume 2 by Jun Mochizuki
4. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O’Malley [review]
5. Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley [review]
6. Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
7. Princess by Courtney Cole [review]
8. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire [review]
9. Pandora Hearts Vol 3 by Jun Mochizuki
10. Pandora Hearts Vol 4 by Jun Mochizuki
12. A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
13. World War Z by Max Brooks

Total: 13 / 20

(Ongoing) Millionaire Challenge:

21,821 (+ 7 unknown) pages down!

A-Z Book Challenge:

B – Beauty Never Dies 25.01
C – A Clash of Kings 17.07
D – Dahlia 25.03
E – Extras 08.01
G – Geek Girl 07.03
H – Hot Ticket 05.04
I – Imaginable 05.05
P – Pandora Hearts, #2 08.01
R – Rowan 14.06
U – The Unwords 03.01
W – Warm Bodies 12.01
X – xkcd 17.07

Total: 19 / 26

Shelf Stacking
I actually bought some ebooks this month thanks to humble bundle, it was only cheap and a percentage of the money went to charity too. But again most were free, won, gifts or for review.
Darlings of DecayThose Four Letter WordsLucinda's Secret (The Spiderwick Chronicles, #3)The Nixie's Song (Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, #1)Just a GeekThe Last Unicorn: Deluxe EditionBoneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)Spin (Spin Saga, #1)Shards of Honour (Vorkosigan Saga, #1)Little BrotherGoddess Legacy (Goddess Series, #1)King of Darkness (Chronicles of Yavn, #1)ImitationEndure (Endure, #1)The Companions (The Sundering, #1)The Godborn (The Sundering, #2)Gone GirlBy Blood (By Blood #1)Moon Child (By Blood #2)xkcd: volume 0Signal to NoiseThe Poison Eaters and Other StoriesMachine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will DieAwakening Foster KellyCatalystThe Wizard Tales Vol I-IIIBlur (Night Roamers, #1)Gargoyle Addiction (Otherworlds Summons, #1)Talented (Talented Saga, #1)

Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

First Published: 1st January 2010
Genre: Young Adult / Horror / Romance
Series: Warm Bodies #1
Page Count: 240

Synopsis: ‘R’ is a zombie. He has no name, no memories and no pulse, but he has dreams. He is a little different from his fellow Dead.
Amongst the ruins of an abandoned city, R meets a girl. Her name is Julie and she is the opposite of everything he knows – warm and bright and very much alive, she is a blast of colour in a dreary grey landscape. For reasons he can’t understand, R chooses to save Julie instead of eating her, and a tense yet strangely tender relationship begins.
This has never happened before. It breaks the rules and defies logic, but R is no longer content with life in the grave. He wants to breathe again, he wants to live, and Julie wants to help him. But their grim, rotting world won’t be changed without a fight..

5 / 5 stars

Well… where do I start with this beauty? I feel like I remember every part of this book so clearly, I mean obviously I don’t because I have the worst memory ever but I truly loved every moment I spent reading Warm Bodies.

Which wasn’t very long because I read it all in a day.

Warm Bodies follows R who is dead, a zombie, as he goes about his day to day life. Its basically an internal monologue or diary and its very comical, in a twisted kind of way. I mean he is a zombie after all. Oh and Marion’s writing is so very beautiful, its almost poetical how he goes about some of the descriptions.

One of the aspects that I thought was most interesting was even though they were no longer human, many of them clearly hung onto human aspects of their previous lives, for example we’re shows a zombie wedding, the building of a family, hunting to eat and re-enacting sex, like the main instincts are still there and to me, it all boils down to the different types of hunger we more often than not have as a human – hunger to have someone who we love to spend our lives with, hunger to start and create our own family and hunger for food. I mean sure there is more to life than this but its almost like the zombies have zoned in on these things specifically.

I‘m babbling a little here aren’t I?

Anyway what I am trying to say is that it was really interesting seeing these everyday aspects of our lives to be recreated by zombies, for zombies and from a zombie’s point of view.

Once Julie enters the scene things continued to hold my interest at a pace that held my attention more than any book I’ve read in a long time, we get to see R’s world start to change for the better and the development of the relationship between the two is far from boring. What is also enjoyable is noticing the change and development in R himself as he slowly starts to form and hold onto more and more human notions, whilst being tasked with fighting a war not only with humans that aren’t open to the idea the zombies can come back but also with the elder zombies who do not welcome change.

I could probably go on more and more about this book whilst continuing to praise every aspect from it but I think what I’ve written has done the job and you’ll see I haven’t a negative bone to pick with this at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t thank my Dad enough for buying it me for Christmas.

Amazon: UK*
Isaac Marion: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

When purchasing through this link, I will earn a small amount, once I have enough saved up I’ll put it towards a giveaway.

Vamps vs Zombies Event


My Shelf Confessions is having a month long event celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which monster reigns supreme?! There will be a Giveaway Blog Hop, a Linky Up Challenge where you can link your Vampire/Zombie themed posts from the month of August, a Books, Brains ‘n Blood Read-a-Thon, lots of Hosted Challenges, author guest posts/interviews, twitter parties, reviews and giveaway gore galore!!

I’ve signed up to Read-a-thon and hope to be able to take part in lots of the other events going on too, stop by MSC to find out more guys :)

Review: Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson + Giveaway

Death Dealer

Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson

Published: July 2013
Publisher: Obsidian Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: A Death Angel Novella (#1)
Page Count: 140

Synopsis: Death: a word Mia Baron was all too familiar with since the murder of her parents when she was a young girl. Her drive for vengeance was the reason she became a Death Dealer—a soul guide through the spirit realm—signing her life away in her own blood. Pain forged a concrete wall around her heart and no one or nothing would ever penetrate it…until she got what she desired most—revenge.
Deacon Gage craves justice for his own horrific tragedy that forced him into the same life Mia chose, with the same promise of vengeance dangling just out of reach. His expert training makes him an Elite—one of the few Death Dealers to ever achieve such a status—and no one can shift his focus from the blood he seeks.
But when the two are partnered for yet another job and a heart-shattering case rips open Mia’s heart, Deacon realizes he’s the only one who can save her…at a price that might be too much to pay: opening his heart to her. The clock is ticking and her life hangs on the balance of whether he can truly let go or will hold onto his desire for blood.
3.5 / 5 stars
I have been lucky enough to receive an ecopy of Death Dealer as part of a book tour hosted by IMR Blog Tours,which does in no way reflect my opinion of the book. 
Death Dealer is only 140 pages so like with all novella’s I’ll try not to give too much away. 
What I first noted and loved throughout the whole of the book was the world building, because whilst it’s set on Earth as we know it, the characters spend a lot of their time in the Spirit Realm which is obviously something we have no knowledge of. I love the description for this world, the dangers it held and how spirits reacted to being here.

Also I really loved the whole concept of Death Dealers, they’re regular people like you and I who are approached to become a Death Dealer who after training is allowed to collect the souls of the dead, transport them to the Spirit Realm and guide them to the correct gate – Heaven or Hell – but of course its not always that easy, some spirits aren’t happy with the decision and well there are other dangers in the Spirit Realm.

Demons attack Mia and Deacon at every opportunity in the Spirit Realm and this is great because not only is it interesting to see how the spirits react but also to see them fighting, I love fight scenes especially when the fighter *cough*Deacon*cough* has to prioritise his fighting over checking that someone *cough*Mia*cough* is okay – his internal struggle was lovely.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was some of the “romancy-er” (I know this isn’t a word) scenes were at really awkward times, like you know over the dead body of a murderer. It just felt a little out of place. But seeing their relationship grow – at none awkward times – was great. I just wish characters weren’t as oblivious to their own feelings.

I‘m looking forward to the sequel, now that their relationship has been established there shouldn’t be any of that awkward “why do I feel this way?” and we got a teaser of Blood Promise (A Death Angel Novella #2) at the end of the book which was a nice way to make us eager.

* When purchasing through this link, I will earn a small amount, once I have enough saved up I’ll put it towards a giveaway.

One ecopy of Death Dealer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Bio:
Ashley Robertson
Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida, and loves writing about anything paranormal. She also composes poems and songs, though she learned long ago she doesn’t have a singing voice. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, training in her home gym, travelling and exploring new places, and drinking fine wines and gourmet coffees from her Nespresso machine.Visit her website to learn about her upcoming releases, guest blog posts, and featured giveaways at:
2013 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist of the Fantasy genre for her book Unguarded.

Wishlist Wednesday (54)

The Summoning (Darkest Powers, #1)Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1)

Yet more books by Kelley Armstrong, this time it’s The Summoning and Bitten, I just really want to read all her books!
GR synopsis for The Summoning: My name is Chloe Saunders and my life will never be the same again. 
All I wanted was to make friends, meet boys, and keep on being ordinary. I don’t even know what that means any more. It all started on the day that I saw my first ghost – and the ghost saw me. 
Now there are ghosts everywhere and they won’t leave me alone. To top it all off, I somehow got myself locked up in Lyle House, a “special home” for troubled teens. Yet the home isn’t what it seems. Don’t tell anyone, but I think there might be more to my house mates than meets the eye. The question is, whose side are they on? it’s up to me to figure out the dangerous secrets behind Lyle House…before its skeletons come back to haunt me.

GR synopsis for Bitten: Elena Michaels seems like the typically strong and sexy modern woman, She lives with her architect boyfriend, writes for a popular newspaper, and works out at the gym. She’s also a werewolf. 

Elena has done all she can to assimilate to the human world, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must recon with who, and what, she is in this passionate, page-turning novel.
Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop hosted by Pen to Paper where we share and post about a book that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added, that we can’t wait to get off the wishlist.