Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (49)

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed and Bagged) is a weekly meme hosted by Braine and  Debbie @ Talk Supe where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won or gifted) plus a recap of the previous week’s reviews, upcoming reviews, on going events and book movie or television news and The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book ReviewerIt’s a chance to share news; a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. As you can see I’ve decided to link on another weekly haul/wrap up meme because I’d like to start visiting some new blogs on the atmosphere and I find meme’s are the best way to do so!
– Bought –
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and one of the Assassin’s Creed books?
Purchased from WHSmiths at the airport, I couldn’t resist! It was buy one get one half price, in fact I think my boyfriend spent his money rather than mine so I’m pretty sure these don’t count as bought but more bagged ;) Also the AC book was for him and I don’t know which one he picked up!
Gone Girl

– Bagged –
Endure by Laura Diamond, The Companions by R. A. Salvatore, The Godborn by Paul S. Kemp and By Blood by Tracy E. Banghart
These are all review books, received from various places
Endure (Endure, #1)The Companions (The Sundering, #1)The Godborn (The Sundering, #2)By Blood (By Blood #1)

Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand and King of Darkness by Elisabeth Saab
Both of these are ecopies that I won, thanks to Talk Supe and Indie-Fever Read and Review Challenge
King of Darkness (Chronicles of Yavn, #1)Imitation

Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse
Freebie from Amazon
Goddess Legacy (Goddess Series, #1)

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Read in 2013: 38 / 50
Gen Volume 1 by Shige Nakamura
Boarded Window by Isaac Marion
Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams
A Clahs of Kings by George R. R. Martin
XKCD Volume 0 by Randall Munroe

Currently Reading:
World War Z by Max Brooks
Endure by Laura Diamond
The Companions by R. A. Salvatore
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

News from Lauren:

Yikes I read a lot whilst I was on holiday, and I had a really great time. I’ll include a few of my holiday photos below too and I didn’t tan the slightest because I spent all my time in the shade and when I ventured out I was wearing factor 50!

Progress Review: Part 2

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of this post, I would like to point out that I am currently sunning myself elsewhere in the world – and by sunning I mean cowering away in the shade with my nose in a book – so I will reply when I’m back and I hope you are all having a nice summer.
So in part one of this two part post I reflected on how I think I’ve progress on my personal book blogging resolutions, and over all I’ve not done too shabby. In this post I want to see my progress on the book challenges I signed up too – if you’ve seen my June Wrap Up post it’ll be pretty similar but I’m going to talk about books that I intend to read to complete the challenges I haven’t.

1. Women’s Author Challenge status: Completed
Books Read: 17 / 10
Books Reviewed: 6 / 17
I haven’t just completed my goal of “Level 2: Girls Power – read 6 to 10 books written by a female author” but I’ve also completed challenge, as the last level is “Level 4: Wonder Woman – read 16+ books written by a female author” so I no longer need to make this a priority of mine!

2. Indie-Fever Reading Challenge status: Completed
Books Read: 19 / 16
Books Reviewed: 12 / 19
Yet another challenge completed, or half way completed. As part of this challenge is to help promote indie authors more, reviewing the books read is also part of this challenge, as you can see I’m not too far behind on these and I’m purposefully holding two back due to a lack of cover *sigh*. The final level for this challenge is “Fanatic – choose to read & review 28+ indie books” ..I wonder if I’ll hit that? I’m currently sat in the Lover/Expert areas depending on which of the numbers you want to go by ;)

3. TBR Reading Challenge status: Ongoing
Books Read: 10 / 20
Books Reviewed: 2 / 10
*flails* oh okay I didn’t realise how little I’d done towards this challenge, I didn’t realise how I kept choosing eBooks to read that I’d only picked up this year. I’m sure I’ll be fine before the years over and this isn’t a worry to me, I mean half way through the year and half way through the challenge.
Books I hope to read for this challenge: 
A Clash of Kings by George R R Martin
World War Z by Max Brooks
Later With Myself by Sheryl Sorrentino
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
The Fault in our Stars by John Green

4. Dystopia Reading Challenge status: Ongoing
Books Read: 3 / 6
Books Reviewed: 1 / 3
I purposefully chose a low amount for this challenge because no matter how much I love dystopia books I’m pretty sure I don’t own many and being on a book buying ban doesn’t help. I’m currently reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth so that’ll count and I intend to read World War Z too, as for my sixth I’m unsure but hopefully I’ll find something?

Progress Review: Part 1

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of this post, I would like to point out that I am currently sunning myself elsewhere in the world – and by sunning I mean cowering away in the shade with my nose in a book – so I will reply when I’m back and I hope you are all having a nice summer.

So as we are over half way through the year I decided it was time to look back on how I have tackled my New Year Resolutions. Of course I did take a hiatus whilst finishing college but thankfully I do not think that has hindered me too much, but lets see! 
1. Keep scheduling – don’t let myself fall behind again
Bravo! I kept up with this, in fact its actually still June whilst I’m typing this post. Pretty good huh? So I’m basically always a month in advanced scheduled which I’m pretty pleased about, obviously there tends be last minute arranges here and there when I sign up to book tours.
2. Buy less books
Ding ding ding! I’ve bought a total of 5 books so far this year. Just 5, no more no less. That is a considerably smaller amount than last year, one of the books was a signed copy of Intangible and I was the first person outside the US to purchase a copy! The other 4 I got from a shop that was closing down so they were rather cheap too.
3. Read more of my to be read pile
I’m actually not doing too bad with this, as I’m not buying books (only hoarding the freebies). I’ll touch up on this in the second part of this post as it reflects one of the challenges I’m taking part in.
4. Blog hop more – I’m kind of super lazy when it comes to this and I rarely read others reviews
Okay, so I started off okay with this and when my hiatus hit I obviously didn’t hop at all but since coming back I’ve not been doing too badly at all. In fact I’m actually spending too much time blog hopping but its okay I’m sure I’ll find a middle ground, though when it comes to reading reviews I’m still very picky; I’ll read reviews of books I’ve read, the first of a series I’m considering, the sequel to a series I’m due to read and lastly the occasional few that I haven’t heard of and spike an interest. If they don’t fall into these categories I simply can’t bring myself to read them :c
5. Clean up your following list – this is my reason for lazy blog hopping, I’m following so many I don’t know where to start
Okay honestly I haven’t technically done this how I imagined I would, I did intend to unfollow a few to make things easier but then I found bloglovin and I’ve been able to slowly sort through the pile and organise them into categories which has made things a lot easier! So yes I’ve done this, well I’ve started… certainly not finished but started.
6. Use my Twitter and Facebook accounts more
*sigh* I’ve somewhat grown accustom to checking Twitter most days but definitely not with Facebook. Any advice here guys?

Are you on tumblr?

I’m asking this because the following post is for tumblr book blogs only, in hope to bring such a wide spread community together but I figured there are still a few of you that are hiding out on tumblr that I’m not aware of and this may interest you. I’m simply going to copy and paste the post that Rae has written for myself and her, I hope you will stop by! The original post can be found here.

Both myself and Lauren (of Books and Tea) are working to create the first ever Tumblr Book Awards this summer. We’re starting this project in the hopes of creating a hunger games like scenario for our favourite books to see which fans fight the strongest fight but also to create new connections between the community of book bloggers on Tumblr.
To do this we’re planning, as a group, deciding on categories of questions, and asking our followers to vote on which are the strongest books in each category then putting these books in a head to head battle. We will be hosting this competition on different blogs so that we can direct our combined audiences to blogs they wouldn’t normally visit and help each other by reblogging and posting links to where ever each stage of the awards are being held. Eventually we will end up with a winner of each category and we will then make a rebloggable list of our winners so that we have a tumblr decided reading list which we can all post and share.
This plan can only work if we have enough people to collaborate with, and this is why we need you it doesn’t matter how old your blog is, or how many followers you have if you love books, you can help us. To get involved you will need to join our skype meetings so you will need to send us your skype ID HERE, and we will then add you to our group and communicate to you the time of our first meeting

Thanks Guys

(I will be happy to answer any questions via my ask if you have any)

Guess who’s back?

After many days of hard work for college I am very exhausted, I’ve put in countless amount of time making sure that every little detail was up to scratch ready for my deadlines. Deadlines which haven’t actually arrived yet but as I have only a few loose ends to tie up and plenty of free time I’ve been putting a few hours into Northern Plunder and making sure I’ll be posting regularly from June onwards, I’ve come up with a new time table to make sure I don’t bog myself down and I’m not starting any new books until my reviews are caught up on which of course I’m slowly achieving.
Any way I’m super stoked to be back! I’ll start some blog hopping at the end of the week after one of my deadlines. 
Oh and whilst I’m at it, here’s some of the work I’ve been making too:

Books Creating Art & Hiatus.

I was going to make a pretty image and all sorts to announce the fact I’m going to go on a small hiatus but I’m that out of it with blogging at the moment that I don’t even feel like doing that. Instead I decided to share some more of the work I’ve been doing during my art foundation class. 
As for why I’m taking a hiatus, it boils down to two things. One, I’ve just started my final major project and honestly I’m going to spend so much time on that, that anything I even attempt to type up will not be worth it and two, I’ve been dealing with some …issues in life that has placed a constant downer on my ability to feel inspired to blog. I don’t want to be putting out content that I’m going to look back on and not be happy. I know I have two reviews that will be posted towards the end of the month and if I’m feeling in the mood I’ll write more, but other than that I’m not willing to be here when I’m really not feeling it at the moment. 
I hope everyone else has a good time whilst I’m gone, I aim to be back in 8 weeks maybe. Hopefully sooner.