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Exclusive Excerpt: Moonshadow’s Guardian by Dianna Gunn

All stories are rooted somewhere in truthMoonshadow’s Guardian | written by Dianna Gunn

Shortly after my last guest post with RoAnna I had a wonderful email from Dianna looking to collab with me!

Not only did she want to help share copies of her upcoming book (now out for the world to see and love) Moonshadow’s Guardian with my book club, she also asked if I’d be interested in guest posts too.

I have one of those here for you now where she has provided an exclusive excerpt so keep reading for a sneak peak.

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Horror Authors on my TBR

authorstoreadHorror Authors on my TBR| #Blogoween
So I can talk about the horror authors I have read non-stop, because the reality of it is its a very small pile!

So of course its the perfect time to also acknowledge horror authors I want to read!

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Blogoween | Full Prompt List

Blogoween final png

If you want to find out more about Blogoween and be able to sign up be sure to check out the first post or stop by Clo at Bookish Dragons 24/7 blog.

Keep reading if you’d like to see what Prompts the #NewBloggers bunch have come up with to help you feel inspired. Remember you don’t have to use any or all of these prompts, they’re just here for inspiration to help you get through which ever level of Blogoween you signed up for.
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Blogoween | Announcement and Sign Up

Blogoween final png

Its not October yet, how dare I start talking about Halloween related things! But I am and you can’t stop me.

Keep reading if you’d like to find out what Blogoween is and how to take part with the lovely #NewBloggers bunch! Clo at Bookish Dragons 24/7 is the main host of this bookish blogoween but it was a group conversation that set this in motion – this is the type of stuff you’re missing out on if you’re not a member. Working ideas off one and other is so much fun.
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