30102011: Top 5 Favourite Authors

I saw someone I follow post a Top 10 Favourite Authors and I figured I’d do my own, only I chose 5 and then I can do it again at the end of the year and see if/how it changes.

5. Melissa Marr – I read her Wicked Lovely series a long time ago and to this day I can still remember not being able to put them down and being memorised by them.
4. Lemony Snicket – I honestly hold his books a lot higher than I do the Harry Potter ones, I have no idea why. I love both series, a lot. There’s just something about The Series of Unforunate Events.
3. John Ajvide Lindqvist – Is it fair to count him as a favourite when I’ve only read one? I don’t care I adore LTROI.
2. Stieg Larsson – I cherish his trilogy. My copy of TGWTDT is my most battered book.
1. Stephen King – D’uh. I’m a Daddy’s girl, who else will be my favourite? (For those who don’t know, my Dad owns every single book of his and introduced me to him a long time ago).