Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Justine @ BookishWisps

bbsBrowsing Bloggers Bookhselves | Bookish Wisps

I wasn’t lying when I said this was going to become an actual feautre on my blog now, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to do this with me. I’m really excited about todays post where I get to feature Justine from Bookish Wisps shelves, she’s become a great new friend of mine! I love her content a lot so please stop by her blog, not just to browse my shelves but to read her other content too.

Want to know how to take part?

We’ll share photographs of our (main) bookshelves with each other so the other person can”browse” them and pick out books they’d recommend, books they suggest to avoid, or books they’d love to read.

I’ve loved doing this and can’t wait to do more but please contact via Twitter DMs or emails. I do have a list of these ready so do anticipate it being a post to schedule for the future if you reach out. Unfortunately if you only reply to a tweet I’m more likely to loose it in the notifications, which I know has happened and I’m trying my best to go and find them… Continue reading “Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Justine @ BookishWisps”

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The Comic Book Film and Representation | Written By Gail

comic bookBeing a geek has never been cooler.

Not being an actual geek, of course. The socially awkward, the ugly, the pedant, the obsessed – they are still likely to be social outcasts. Liking Harry Potter might be considered normal, but my encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter trivia, my shipping and fanfic writing, the Ravenclaw flag hanging in my room – those are all weird. But geeky interests – those are certainly “in”. The most popular TV show – Game of Thrones – is a fantasy epic^. With the advent of Netflix and other streaming services, cult shows and movies are getting a new audience. And the biggest blockbusters are comic book movies – superhero movies, of all things.

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Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Cerys @ Browsing For Books

bbsBrowsing Bloggers Bookhselves | Browsing For Books

So you may remember that last month I did a similarly titled post with Sarah which I really enjoyed. This is the second time I’ve been able to do a post like this and I love it! Today I’m feauturing Cerys’ bookshelves! Don’t forget to stop by her blog to browse my books.

Do you want to know the creation of this collab? Shortly after I broke my wrist I put out a call to guest post with other bloggers more and one of the lovely people who reached out was Sarah @BookHookedNook. After a bit of talking we decided upon a collab kind of post, which is this creation.

We shared photographs of our (main) bookshelves with each other so the other person could “browse” them and pick out books they’d recommend, books they suggest to avoid, or books they’d love to read.

As I really enjoyed this process if anyone would like to partner up with me and do these posts together please contact me. I’m best replying via Twitter DMs or emails. I hadn’t anticipated having a queue of these posts ready but I do and I’m still thrilled to do more so this will become a somewhat regular feature. Continue reading “Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Cerys @ Browsing For Books”


Rating Systems | The Bloggers in the Attic

Discussion_ChainThe Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain created by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic. She has put together a small group of bloggers who’ll discuss a common topic covering the whole month which allows for us all to share our unique experiences. Her hopes are that it’ll create a discussion space that could explore a normal topic for different areas of the world.

If you’re wanting to take part let Cam know. At the moment the Discussion Chain is taking part every two months so there is plenty of time for you to hop in!

April Theme

This month’s discussion topic is rating systems and all things related to them. You can follow all the posts on twitter using #DiscussionAttic, and #DAApril for this months topic specifically. Continue reading “Rating Systems | The Bloggers in the Attic”

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A Season of Sequels | Kimi from A Tale of Two Booksellers

A Season of Sequels | Kimi from A Tale of Two Booksellers
Hello Bookwyrms 💖

I’m super excited to have my favourite bookseller and friend on the blog today to talk about her plan Sprin plans to tackle her TBR. I really enjoyed this post she’s written, and the amazing photographs she took to accompany it, so make sure you check out her social media at the bottom of this post to show her some love.
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