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My blog name in my TBR | Its a tag!


Blog name in books | Book tag
Kris Marie at Boston Book Reader tagged me in her “My Blogs Name in Books” tag and I love the idea of this because its fun!

Don’t forget to check out her post.
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Bookish Tag | Naughty or Nice

Bookish Tag: Naughty or Nice
The lovely Jenn fromΒ Jenniely was sweet enough to tag me in this Bookish Naughty or Nice tag!

I don’t always take part in these but I actually really liked the idea of this one, so here goes…
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The Mr. Men & Little Miss Character Tag

The Mr. Men and Little Miss series were created by Roger Hargreaves and Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish created a tag about them! She tagged me in her post when it went live ages ago so its about time I took part. I don’t do tags very often as I actually tend to find them hard to do but I gave it a go regardless, enjoy.
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