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Spotlight on: Never Contented Things | Written by Gail

Never Contended Things SpotlightHappy pride! I hope y’all are having a nice pride month so far! Today is also the last day of my semester, so shit’s been crazy. That said, I’ve read a lot of queer books recently. Recently, as in over the past couple of months, or as in over the past year, either works. I made a post summarizing my recs for this month on tumblr, and you can view it here. In whatever posts I manage to write this month, I want to spotlight a couple of LGBTQA+ books that I love and simply aren’t getting the love they deserve. This one is a bizarre book, a contemporary-ish fantasy horror about three dysfunctional people whose main obstacle isn’t the world around them, it isn’t even the horror elements, but their own dysfunction.
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How Bad Books Make Me a Better Writer | Guest Post from author Kathryn Troy

Kathryn TroyGuest Post | Kathryn Troy
Curse of the Amber by Kathryn Troy ccame out yesterday! I was offered the chance to read and review it but I’m so behind with my current stack I had to do the smart thing and say no even though I’m really interested in the synopsis. (Full book and author information within the post)

But I also don’t know how to say no completely, so instead I have a wonderful guest post for you from Kathryn herself.

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Books That Surprised Me (For Better Or Worse) | Written by Gail

booksthat surprisedmeI don’t know if you could tell from the everything about me, but I read a lot. At any given moment, I’m probably reading or watching something; those are the two options. I’ve been known to do both with other people. And after 21 years, I think I have a pretty good idea of what stuff I like, and whether or not you like it, in this age of marketing, you can judge a book by its cover. That means that usually I enjoy the books I pick up, because I picked them up because the combination of the cover and the summary is usually a good indicator of whether or not this book will work for me.

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Journals and Diaries | Written by Gail

I will never succeed at bullet journaling. It’s never going to happen.

This is something I realized recently, after several attempts at the concept. I’m not good at planning ahead, or spending lots of time preparing for something; and bullet journals – at least, the way I’ve seen it handled – takes a lot of time. You need to hand number the pages, and design the layouts in advance. You can’t just sit down and write. You’re keeping track of things, and that means you have to know all of your assignments and grocery lists and whatnot at the moment you’re writing them down, and keep updating it.

failed attempt at bullet journaling. this is the only page that has anything written on it

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