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In Defense of Trashy Romance

trashyromanceContent Warning: The following essay deals in detail with cisnormative notions of gender and gender roles, and the sexism that goes along with it. It is heavily critical of this content, but if this subject upsets you, I suggest you read something else. There’s also lighthearted mention of drugs.

In Defense of Trashy Romance, by Gail

When I was younger, I had trouble reading English, despite being a fluent speaker. I was raised in a bilingual household; these things happen. At seventh grade, I was reading at tenth grade level Hebrew, but only about fifth grade level English. The year previously, as a Bat Mitzvah gift, I’d been given the entirety of the Lord of the Rings (a family tradition), and I struggled through every page. It’s not only that I wasn’t a great reader in English, but also that I was just that much better in Hebrew – it frustrated me that I was so slow that it took me about four times longer to get through a page in English than it did for me to get through a page in Hebrew.

Then the first day of Eighth grade came along.

I had already made a deal with my friend to sit next to him on the first day, but of course, fate intervened. Our teacher decided she was going to give us assigned seating, and I was sat next to the new girl.

That was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Continue reading “In Defense of Trashy Romance”

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Gail has entered the game | Introducing a new contributor

Introducing GailIntroducing Gail | new contributor to Northern Plunder
Hey guys before I hand over this post to Gail, and the blog every now and then, I thought it’d be great to give some background information.

Having other people guest post or contribute to this blog is something I’ve been looking into for a while, and after launching Blogs and Tea I got talking with Gail. They currently use Tumblr to blog, and so I proposed the idea of guest posting here to an existing audience for them to try out WordPress as a platform should they decide to make the move over here. So I expect a nice warm welcome to them!

I’m really excited for you to see what Gail has been writing for you as I think they provides a great contrast as they enjoy writing discussion pieces and read different genres than I do. We also have a shared interest in diversity, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Their posts will go live on Thursdays, blue instead of purple will be used for any background colours, and their information will be at the bottom of their posts. Continue reading “Gail has entered the game | Introducing a new contributor”

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The Dragons Who Inspired Me | Guest Post by Dianna Gunn

draqgonsThe Dragons Who Inspired Me | written by Dianna Gunn

Last time Dianna was on the blog she shared an exclusive excerpt of her newest release – Moonshadow’s Guardian and today I’m thrilled to welcome her back to talk about the Dragons who Inspired her.

I hope you enjoy this guest post, I’ve had a lot of fun working with authors and bloggers to share these with you and hope to continue to bring more to you lovely readers.

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That Monsters Can Be Defeated | RoAnna Sylver Guest Post

guest postttThat Monsters Can Be Defeated | written by RoAnna Sylver

For the month of October I’m hosting Spooks and Tea where we aim to consume as much horror, or spooky, books as possible. This also fits in nicely with blogoween!

I also wanted to do something a little different and fun this year so I reached out to a few authors to see if any would be interested in taking part whether that be through guest posts or Q&A’s.

RoAnna was super lovely and agreed to write a guest post! I gave her free range on what she’d like to write about; whether it be horror recommendations, talking about favourite spooky creatures or something totally different.

In the end she decided to write about what Good Horror is supposed to be vs when it becomes Bad Horror.

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Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | Anthony from Keep Reading Forward


Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | written by Anthony from Keep Reading Forward.

As you may know I’m away for a long weekend as a birthday treat so I very kindly asked the #NewBloggers group if anyone would like to guest post whilst I was gone.

One of my BooksandTea moderators – Anthony – said he’d love to take part but wasn’t sure on the topic. I can’t think of Anthony without thinking about his love for Funkos so I suggested this topic which he loved.

Keep reading to find out which books he thinks should have Funko Pops!

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