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Books and Tea Book Club | Chat Overview


Hey book readers,
I’m just making this post to give a more informative run down on my book club – Books and Tea. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the monthly announcements of the read-alongs or maybe not. But if so, tada! I’m doing a big update post on whats what in the world of Discord and my book club.Anyone who is 18 or older is welcome to join, just click here.
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2017 | A Reflection

2017 Wrap Up

Oh wow, happy end of 2017!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I’ve been very busy but still managed to get back on track with reading, blogging, and some other book related activities. It has been a great year.

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On My NetGalley Shelf


NetGalley: I’m not drowning yet
I joined NetGalley in 2011 or 2012 when I first started book blogging and at the time I figured that given my small blog I wouldn’t get any of these requests accepted so I may as well request a lot in hopes of getting one.

That didn’t happen. I got a lot. So much so that I think I read and reviewed about 14 of them before drowning and ignoring the site.

Since I’ve been taking book blogging a lot more seriously this year now I’m done with education and settled in at work I thought it would be no harm if I revisited the site.

The first thing I did was cull the existing books there. To do this I went down the list of books I had been accepted for and compared to whether I was still interested in them or if I still had access to them. For those that were a no I left feedback to remove them off my shelf.

That felt great.

Though I must admit the, uh, shelf was still pretty full.

I then requested a few.

So lets see what the current books are that I should be reading soon.

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Where has 2017 gone?

How is it already almost July? I have no idea.

But this half of the year has been super good, I’ve for the most part kept up with blogging and my book club is definitely on track and super lovely. I love my members they’re so sweet.

I’ve also had a lot of little adventures with my boyfriend which is great as always. So basically this year has been fab so far.
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2017 Goals

My plan was always to post this at the end of January to give me a month to settle into one of my goals and think how else I want this year to go. It took me way longer than it should’ve to write this because I had idea for what I wanted to include but the moment I came to typing my mind went blank.


But I have succeeded and made a post, so keep reading to see my goals for this year.

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