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patreon info - support northern plunder bannerPatreon Info | Support Northern Plunder
Earlier this month I set up a Patreon. I’d been toying with this idea all year but as Patreon set a date for when they’d implement changes on how the site works I decided it was worth pushing through my doubts and getting it live before hand.

I’ve been tweeting about my Patreon a little bit but tweets do get lost to the wind very easy so it seemed only natural that I have a little blog post with all the handy information on. If you want to head straight to my Patreon you can here.
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I finished my Goodreads Goal in February…

goodreads goal finI finished my Goodreads Goal in February

In 2018 I set my goal for 30 books, this is the first time I’ve set it low on purpose. I knew from previous years reading I would read more than this and in the back of my head I had my own alternate goal. However throughout my years blogging I’ve seen much discourse on Goodreads goal being a cause of stress and reading slumps should we ever get behind.

Setting it to something I knew I could achieve took all that away, but I still kept it to 30 as in 2016 I read 37 books so I’m very aware how my own mood and life can affect my reading in multiple ways.

I set it to 30 again this year and well… as the title suggests, I completed this is in February. Keep reading to find out what I read and my thoughts on the books.

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Announcing Blogs & Tea | Online blogger help group

laptop, notebook, and books illustrated by allie @ hexenlibrarian
illustrated by Allie @hexenlibrarian

Introducing Blogs&Tea | An expansion of Books&Tea

Hey thanks for stopping by today as I get to give a more in depth introduction to Blogs and Tea! Allie, Jenny, and myself (plus all the other staff at Books and Tea) have worked really hard the past three years on making Books and Tea what it is and with its growth we’ve chosen to expand to a secondary server just for bloggers or those wanting to start blogging.

Keep reading to find out how the new server – Blogs and Tea – came into existence and what it has to offer or click here to join.
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Books and Tea Book Club, Updates

Books and Tea Book Club | Want to know more?


Hello lil book dragons, wyrms, and wyverns
I’m creating this post to give an updated overview of what my book club – Books and Tea – has to offer. This’ll also indicate the full years read-along themes and any changes we’ve made since I last made this post in 2018.Anyone who is 18 or older is welcome to join, just click here.
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State of the ARC | November

State of the ARC |

Don’t forget to visit Ava’s posts as she is the host of this great monthly check in with our review copies.

I’m back and mostly on time with this months, I’ll follow the same layout as last time as I rather liked the simpler format.
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