Books Creating Art & Hiatus.

I was going to make a pretty image and all sorts to announce the fact I’m going to go on a small hiatus but I’m that out of it with blogging at the moment that I don’t even feel like doing that. Instead I decided to share some more of the work I’ve been doing during my art foundation class. 
As for why I’m taking a hiatus, it boils down to two things. One, I’ve just started my final major project and honestly I’m going to spend so much time on that, that anything I even attempt to type up will not be worth it and two, I’ve been dealing with some …issues in life that has placed a constant downer on my ability to feel inspired to blog. I don’t want to be putting out content that I’m going to look back on and not be happy. I know I have two reviews that will be posted towards the end of the month and if I’m feeling in the mood I’ll write more, but other than that I’m not willing to be here when I’m really not feeling it at the moment. 
I hope everyone else has a good time whilst I’m gone, I aim to be back in 8 weeks maybe. Hopefully sooner.

Books Creating Art (1)

 So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would start to share some of my work that I’ve created during my Art and Design Foundation Course due to the fact that lately I’ve been able to relate it to books a fair amount. For one of briefs titled “Visual Self-Portrait” we were able to focus on any part of our lives to create pieces of work to go into our sketchbooks.

Obviously I chose to incorporate books into my project so I looked through the books I had reading during 2012 and started selecting quotes from them that I really liked and created the images below with illustrations of myself at different ages, I tried to get the illustrations to match the quotes but it wasn’t always easy. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out though. 

Do you recognise any of these quotes?