Books, Brains n Blood Read-a-thon Goals & Updates

Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon
The Books, Brains ‘n Blood Read-a-thon is hosted by April and Pabkins at My Shelf Confessions, its a 5 day read-a-thon from 2nd – 6th August. Below are my goals and each day I will update this post to show my progress, normally I’d post individually for each day but I don’t want to clutter everyone up for once and this should make everything easier to see. If I take part in any challenges I may post those separately, haven’t decided yet!
* Read and/or finish off at least 4 books
* Visit as many blogs possible each day
* Attend one of the twitter parties – #VampvsZomb
* Participate in at least 2 challenges

Endure by Laura Diamond
Percentage Read: 20%

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Pages Read: 122

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 6%

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 122 & 26%

I’m proud of my first day, it feels like I’ve been successful because I listened to myself and finished off what I needed too before moving on! I also visit my Dads on Fridays which takes up a lot of my time, we finished watching the latest season of Warehouse 13, started Orphan Black and S5 of Breakin Bad and watched two episodes of Revolution. I didn’t do any blog hopping as I don’t take my laptop there but it’s been a great day! :)

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 20%

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 122 & 46%

Much slower second day but hey I kind off expected the when I didn’t get up until *whispers* 1 in the afternoon. I joined in the twitter chat until the need to read (or you know being threatened with baby zombies happened) kicked in but also big thanks to Frodo (or Eric) for gifting me a copy of Touched! Hopefully I can start reading that tomorrow :)

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 35%

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Pages Read: 55

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 177 & 81%

I’m absolutely adoring By Blood, I was hoping to start another book too but this one has held my attention really well! As you can see I’m also doing a re-read of Mockingjay which is because I’m reading it aloud to my best friend, only read two chapters and felt like I was going to loose my voice!

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 22%

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Pages Read: 28

Overall Books Completed: 2
Overall Pages Read: 205 & 103%

My days are rolling into one, I could have sworn today was Sunday and it wasn’t until I looked here to update this I realised it wasn’t. I’m confused. Any how, reading out loud is really time consuming, it really sticks out to me just how quick I read usually.

By Blood by Tracy E Banghart
Percentage Read: 17%

Catalyst by Jennifer Snyder
Percentage Read: 10%

Overall Books Completed: 3
Overall Pages Read: 205 & 130%

Wow this came to an end so quickly! I have no idea where the time went. I rewatched Serenity today instead of reading but it was worth it haha. I’ll be stopping by everyone’s posts tomorrow, hope you all did well! I didn’t hit my goal of 4 books but that doesn’t matter, I had fun and really enjoyed all the books I’ve been reading.

Vamps vs Zombies Event


My Shelf Confessions is having a month long event celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which monster reigns supreme?! There will be a Giveaway Blog Hop, a Linky Up Challenge where you can link your Vampire/Zombie themed posts from the month of August, a Books, Brains ‘n Blood Read-a-Thon, lots of Hosted Challenges, author guest posts/interviews, twitter parties, reviews and giveaway gore galore!!

I’ve signed up to Read-a-thon and hope to be able to take part in lots of the other events going on too, stop by MSC to find out more guys :)