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I was super excited that Jemma wanted to take part because one, I’ve met her and she’s fab and two, I know I’d find some goodies in the form of Graphic Novels and video games – the latter of I’m seriously missing on my shelves tbh. Make sure to stop by her blog later today to see her browsing my shelves too!

Want to know how to take part?

We’ll share photographs of our (main) bookshelves with each other so the other person can “browse” them and pick out books they’d recommend, books they suggest to avoid, or books they’d love to read.

I’ve loved doing this and can’t wait to do more but please contact via Twitter DMs or emails. I do have a list of these ready so do anticipate it being a post to schedule for the future if you reach out. Unfortunately if you only reply to a tweet I’m more likely to lose it in the notifications, which I know has happened and I’m trying my best to go and find them…

Jemma’s Bookshelves

Its getting to the point of these posts where I’ll end up repeating myself a fair bit so I’m not going to mention any books I’ve mentioned in previous ones, it just makes my life easier ok haha. I’ve had such a great time looking at Jemma’s shelves as they’re so full, could actually spend a day browsing them tbh.

I’ll use these emoji’s as a code:
πŸ“š – books to add to my tbr | πŸ“– – read and recommend | πŸ’” – do not recommend
πŸ“šPantomime by Laura Lam [purchase] & The Falconer by Elizabeth May [purchase]
I remember when Pantomime came out and knew then and there I wanted to read it. I’m annoyed I never bought it, same goes for The Falconer because Elizabeth is bewitching and I know I’d love her work.

πŸ“šSlay by Kim Curran [purchase] & Basic Witches by Jaya u [purchase]
I met Kim at YALC the other year and hearing her talk about Slay made me realise I needed it my life, however I am amazing at YALC and stick to a very small budget whilst there so it slipped through the wishlist. Basic Witches is another I’ve seen floating around a lot and I have a mighty need.

πŸ“šTales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs [purchase]
Lastly from this shelf we have Tales of the Peculiar which I need to complete my current HB set of this series… I have no idea why I haven’t picked it up yet.
rTU4TqZ2πŸ“šUndead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson [purchase]
I have heard some pretty mixed things about this book but mostly I feel like it resonates with something I’d love in a book.

πŸ“šLifelike by Jay Kristoff [purchase]
After reading Aurora Rising I am desperate to read more of Jay’s work, it really blew me away. I think I’d have to order the AUS cover though cause the UK ones aren’t super inviting.

πŸ’”Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings
Eugh I have a bad connection with this book and honestly I’ve heard nothing but bad or mediocre stuff about it so no I don’t have time for it.

UetDgICPπŸ“šAn Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson [purchase]
I do have a copy of this, I bought it for my boyfriends sister for Christmas the same year someone gifted it me in a Secret Santa exchange! I just haven’t read it yet because I have it built up so highly in my head I’m a lil scared.

πŸ“–Graphic Novels galore
Ok so with these spines I can’t read most of them but lets be real I’m always going to recommend and read graphic novels, they’re a great palette cleaner and people need to give them a try more often. I also love that it seems we have different publisher preferences for GN but I did used to read a lot of MARVEL too.

jChAI2WGπŸ“šWintersong by S. Jae-Jones [purchase]
The praise I’ve heard for this book seems like it is 100% my cuppa tea, but it’s just been one of those that has slipped through my shopping cart whenever I do haul books.


And we’re done! I really enjoyed Jemma’s shelves and her collection of Video Game books which honestly I would’ve also added to this post too because We Love Mass Effect here too.

I know somewhere on here she also has some D&D books from this review here but I couldn’t see there titles clearly and was being lazy but I’ve gone and searched for this post now so really… I should go back and edit them in but hi this lil paragraph exists now.

Did I skip over any of your favourite books?

Which of these books would you recommend?
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15 thoughts on “Browsing Bloggers Bookshelves | Jemma @ Fantastic Books AWTFT”

  1. I am also a huge fan of graphic novels, so I totally get being fascinated with seeing someone else’s choices for those. I’m constantly trying to find new series to read!

  2. I’m so nosey, I love these posts! You both have great editions of Vicious and Vengeful!
    I’ve heard bad things about Zenith too…

  3. ooooooooh another one – I really love this series, Lauren! and Jemma’s bookshelves are so pretty omg *drools over the matching sets and the adorable Funko Pops … omg and Omnom from Cut the Rope!* I’d totally forgotten about Pantomime but it’s been on my TBR since around when it came out πŸ˜… I’ve also heard lots of good things about Undead Girl Gang and An Enchantment of Ravens …… and oooooh Strange the Dreamer!

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