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Micro Brew | KonMar That Shiz (9)

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Micro Brew is hosted by Allie @ Hexen Librarian and its a fun way to promote something you love. On the 1st of each month she’ll give us 2 lots of prompts/questions for the 2 post that month.

Best thing is you can take part when you’re ready! So your answers can go live on the designated days or later on when it suits you best.

To take part all you have to do is tag Allie so she can see your responses, visit Melanie (part of the prompt creation) on twitter, include the header and an explanation, and complete the themed prompt.

April 22nd: Sticking with the genre topic, what’s a genre you’ve recently discovered you enjoy? Is it way out of your norm or comfort-zone?

I’m actually a little stumped for this prompt as I don’t really think there is anything I’ve recently discovered.

I do think that recently there seems to be more books fitting that horror/fantasy combo nicely, and enough so that I can get non-horror reader to read them. I’d like to see more in this mix because the few I’ve read have worked really well.

But I guess the main one is poetry books. I read them when I was child but we’re talking all rhyming couplets and humour tales.

Thanks to Amanda Lovelace and Cyrus Parker I decided to give poetry a try again! I’m definitely still figuring out which authors work for me but the majority of collections I’ve read I’ve been pretty happy with.

I find that poetry books work best for me when I’m slumping or struggling to find time to read. They’re easier to dive in and out of, plus quicker to finish if you get really invested into the tales being told.

Are there any poetry collections you recommend I check out?

As with all of these post I plan to not tag anyone specifically as I’d love for as many of you to take part as possible. These posts are perfect for days when you’re having trouble with inspiration and a great way to find out more about other bloggers .

What genre are you new too and loving?
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12 thoughts on “Micro Brew | KonMar That Shiz (9)”

  1. poetry is awesome! I love Naiche Lizzette Parker’s three volumes (Rabbit Holes, Paper and Bones, More Than Anything) and Lana Rafaela Cindric’s “This Is How You Survive”; I’m not familiar with Cyrus Parker but they’re a little more structured than Amanda Lovelace – both styles are great, just different 😉

  2. Poetry is something “new-ish” that i’ve discovered aswell … I just, didn’t read poetry before xD (like a lot of things, I suppose)

    A new love for me has been fantasy, started by Heavenward and Josie’s wonderful sovereign serie!! (yep- still onto that one.) After my flop of reading the night circus, I’ve just thought it wasn’t the kind my brain was good enough to read.. but hey! they prooved me wrong!

  3. Interesting about the horror and fantasy combination! That is one I wouldn’t have thought would work so well together. I have always loved poetry so I am glad to know you are getting back into it and finding out what works for you. I’ve recently rediscovered my immense love for sci-fi and vampire books.

  4. I feel like the ‘fantasy horror mix’ is definitely referring to a certain book here!
    I love poetry books too and definitely need to read the rest of Amanda Lovelace’s :)

  5. Depression and Other Magic Tricks is a good collection of poetry. The Space between by Meg Grehan is amazing. It’s a story but written entirely in poetry. It discusses mental health and has a F/F relationship. It’s a quick read but is so lovely 😊

  6. I love fantasy and horror, so I would be down for a combination of the two. I have yet to get into poetry, however, I really would like to. A couple of people in my family write poetry, and I would like to be able to appreciate it.

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