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Micro Brew | KonMar That Shiz (8)

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Micro Brew is hosted by Allie @ Hexen Librarian and its a fun way to promote something you love. On the 1st of each month she’ll give us 2 lots of prompts/questions for the 2 post that month.

Best thing is you can take part when you’re ready! So your answers can go live on the designated days or later on when it suits you best.

To take part all you have to do is tag Allie so she can see your responses, visit Melanie (part of the prompt creation) on twitter, include the header and an explanation, and complete the themed prompt.

April 8th: What’s your go-to genre? What about it do you enjoy so much? What’s your least favourite genre to read?

My go to genre is definitely Fantasy! I didn’t realise how many fantasy books I read till last year. So much so I always thought it was fairly equal to SciFi but that is so not true.

I just love being whisked away to somewhere new, the idea that magic is a possibility, and wonderful creatures that fascinate me.

Fantasy worlds also make up the best type of video games too, so they’re often breath taking to explore.

I’m also noticing that I’m favouring Horror a lot more lately too. I blame this entirely on Allie for re-kindling my love for it. I’m pretty sure this genre slipped out of my reading rotation just because it doesn’t get enough love in the YA communities.

Hahah jokes on each and every single one of you buying Other Words For Smoke on my recommendation because it definitely has horror elements but y’all are loving it.

My least favourite genre to read, at a surprise to no one, is contemporaries.

I’m definitely willing to try them if someone lends me a book (see TLCC recently giving me The Meaning of Birds to try for LGBT+ Book Club future possibilties) but I mostly find I’m either not in the mood for something so realistic or they need that little something that is going to have me in deep.

As with all of these post I plan to not tag anyone specifically as I’d love for as many of you to take part as possible. These posts are perfect for days when you’re having trouble with inspiration and a great way to find out more about other bloggers .

Whats your genres of choice?
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14 thoughts on “Micro Brew | KonMar That Shiz (8)”

  1. My go to genre is contemporary because it is so easy and effortless. I wish I enjoyed fantasy more, I feel left out of so many hyped books!

  2. My go-to genre is fantasy too, though I am late picking up what everyone has been talking about. I would love to try horror too but I’ve noticed the selection of titles available in our local bookstores is limited. But still would love to dig in and look

  3. I thought Sci-Fi or Mystery was my go to genre, turns out, based on stats and charts and crap, it’s fantasy, which I guess isn’t so surprising. Also, every time you talk about Other Words for Smoke, I want to go buy it, so, you know, good job on the persuasion lol

  4. My genre of choice is also fantasy. I don’t read as much Sci-fi as I would like. I hardly read horror, although I actually really love the genre. I need to actively look for Sci-fi and horror books.
    I might try making a micro brew post myself if I get stuck on what to post.

  5. Fantasy is definitely my fave. I love being hooked into the beautiful world! But I’m definitely a Romance lover and I love a good Fantasy Romance. I’ve been into Horror since I was a kid, I just love twisty chilling stories!

  6. Contemporaries are my absolute favorite ! specially with romance in them ..

    Totally agree that fantasies do make quite amazing games aswell, I liked the ones from the few Fantasy books I picked – but Oh how I need to get more into that genre. atleast it’s a positive! 2 out of 2 was a favorite. However.. horror haven’t got such a good start with me, alas, I didn’t enjoyed the ones I picked in that genre.

  7. My go to is fantasy for sure! I feel like I have a rigid “type” when it comes to books which isn’t alwyas a good thing but at least I know what I like haha. Contemporaries are a bit hit and miss for me!

  8. I do feel like there’s mainly two types of readers, contemporary and fantasy, people tend to much prefer one over the other lol. Oooo I do love horror, need to read more! Really want to ge into more fantasy books 😊

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