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Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning (7)

5145E5FA-32CA-4941-BE8D-5F94C9BB74B5_2Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning
Micro Brew is hosted by Allie @ Hexen Librarian and its a fun way to promote something you love. On the 1st of each month she’ll give us 2 lots of prompts/questions for the 2 post that month.

Best thing is you can take part when you’re ready! So your answers can go live on the designated days or later on when it suits you best.

To take part all you have to do is tag Allie so she can see your responses, visit Melanie (part of the prompt creation) on twitter, include the header and an explanation, and complete the themed prompt.

March 18th: Reflect on your blogging thus far. Is it going the way you thought it would? Are you seeing an improvement? What could your followers do to help? What direction do you see your blog going? (These are just some starting points, you don’t have to answer the questions if you don’t want)

Can you believe I have been blogging since 2011? It’s pretty wild huh.

My first ever book review was of The Stand by Stephen King and it looks terrible but for the sake of reflecting here is a screen grab of the post. huhhI think its interesting that you can see that even in this bare bones of a review I’ve kept some layout choices the same.

Since then I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at formatting post, particularly with learning how to use HTML coding to help.

I’ve also gotten better with adding in colour, images, and paragraph breaks all to help with the aesthetic and ease of reading.

I still have miles to go, in fact, I’m hoping by May I’ll be self-hosted so I can learn some more about blogging and how to improve further. I know this’ll greatly help with SEO and I can implement other things to contribute with that too.

As I was blogging during my college and university years I did often have to go on hiatus’ and abandon the blog to focus on studies. This was mostly due to being on very creative based courses where the majority of your work is created outside of lesson time.

After finishing education I worked hard on a more consistent blogging schedule but I still felt a little lost. It wasn’t until I attended YALC in 2017 that I found the love for blogging I had been missing and it was mostly due to community.

It’s here I learnt about the importance of interacting and engaging with not only your own followers but the rest of the community on social media too.

Since moving to WordPress, scheduling, and interacting more I am seeing a great improvement and I feel like I’m constantly learning too.

I think this comes down to the ability of being able to comment, like, tag, and share posts.

So to give my advice on what you can do to help myself, and every other blogger here is what I do:
↠ like any post that I visit (this is helpful to stop rereading the same post)
↠ comment on any when and where I have something to cntribute
↠ share a post on twitter when I like it but struggle to find the words to leave a comment
↠ share a post on twitter that I loved
↠ share posts on your instagram story to highlight accounts/posts you like
↠ join pods with bloggers you like to act as a reminder to interact with them and their blogs
↠ RT bloggers posts/donation link
↠ click on adverts
↠ purchase books using their affiliate links
↠ build friendships
↠ and if you don’t have the time and energy to do any of that, the very least you can do is click on peoples posts to give them a view!

So thats pretty much everything I want to say today on this topic, I hope its helped to inspire you on becoming more involved with bloggers.

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As with all of these post I plan to not tag anyone specifically as I’d love for as many of you to take part as possible. These posts are perfect for days when you’re having trouble with inspiration and a great way to find out more about other bloggers .

Whats your advice do you have for other bloggers?
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18 thoughts on “Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning (7)”

  1. I think it’s a great idea to look back and see how far you’ve come. It gives you a really sense of accomplishment :)

  2. Ah, it’s been 8 years since you first started! That’s amazing.
    Also, going self-hosted? That’s a big milestone. All the best for that!
    ANd thanks for the tips! They’re great. :)

  3. Lauren! I love your list of things you do that improve your blogging and engagement. I’m trying to reconnect with twitter, but I also only have so many hours in my day and I love Instagram and my blog too. Plus, you know, my husband might divorce me if I spend all my time on social media!! 😂 (But I’m trying!!!) x

  4. This is a great post idea! I love your list of tips for better blogging and engagement. I’m going to start following some of these great tips!

  5. These are some super helpful tips Lauren, thank you! *goes to add like button to posts*

    I think it’s really good to reflect on how far you’ve come because it’s easy to ignore that and just look at how far you may or may not have left to go x

  6. Wow, that’s a long time indeed !
    that review was SO crowded.. yikes xD I always had a love for spacing, but on my early days i’d get pissed off at the spacing not working.. 🙃

    loving your story and the tips !! you’ve always been such a good helper to me and many in our community xx Can’t wait to see what you’d make when you’d be self-hosted !

  7. Wow 2011?! I didn’t even know much about blogging back then. Then again I had a 1 year old that year 😂

  8. I love this. It is so fun to look back and reflect on the time as a blogger. You have been blogging for so long! I hope I do the same. I recently looked back at my first blog post and I was so embarrassed haha. I have no idea what I was talking about.

  9. Congrats on blogging for so long! I love looking back at mine and other people’s old posts and seeing how far we’ve all come from the first review. My layout has stayed similar too! I know a lot of people get a bit embarrassed by old posts, but honestly I think it’s fun and important to keep old posts. 😊 Love the tips you’ve given, they definitely do help!

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