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Graphic Novel Review: Man-Eaters, Volume 1 by Chelsea Cain

Man-Eaters, Volume 1 by Chelsea Cain
Series: Man-Eaters #1-4
Genre: Horror | Graphic Novel
Length: 104 pages
Published on 5th March 2019 by Image Comics
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Received for free from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis: Adolescent girls can be real monsters. Maude is twelve, about the age some girls turn into flesh-eating wild cats. As her detective dad investigates a series of strange mauling attacks, Maude worries she may be the killer.
Collects #1-4

Includes the informative survival handbook, “Cat Fight! A Boys’ Guide to Dangerous Cats.”
Plus never-before-published extra content.

ca1I’m really happy I picked this up from NetGalley tbh, cause whilst there are elements I did really like I think overall I have very mixed feelings about Man-Eater tbh.

We follow Maude a young girl going through puberty in a world where some females will turn into large flesh-eating wild cats whilst on their period.

Its not something they can control.

I really enjoyed the dark and satirical humour within this graphic novel. I definitely found myself laughing and rolling my eyes at part that mirrored real life and pushed to the extremes. Its very over the top.

Maude was also a good character to follow as she has a great relationship with her dad and her cute lil cat too.

As she reaches puberty its very easy to see her concerns and struggles with the pressure the whole world places on girls. But she di

Her dad is a detective and mom is a animal vet so the two end up wotking together on the latest large-cat murder.

They both have very different out looks on life but honestly the most awesome thing is they use a group of corgi’s to track cats!

Look at how sweet their fluffy lil butts are.

So like yeah, the concept is very interesting and I do want to see where the story goes but it does have areas that make me raise my eyebrows.

My biggest concern is that it isn’t very trans-inclusionary. I think given its content its easy to see why I felt this way. (not everyone who has periods are female) But it doesn’t focus very much on those outside of the main character and her family so maybe that is why?

My other complaint is the last volume is entirely fake adverts and propoganda from this world. It was an interesting choice to have a full volume of this stuff. And by interesting I mean let down. Can you imagine buying a comic to read more of the story only to actually be reading a collection of ads from the world?

Yeah it was a major let down.

They work fine inbetween volumes and as little extras but not as a complete volume!

So yeah I guess that summarises my feelings on this series so far. I’ll give volume 2 a try~

3 stars / 5 stars
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9 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review: Man-Eaters, Volume 1 by Chelsea Cain”

  1. That sounds like wacky read as hell.
    Something Stephen King might have wrote- wait he did wrote about cat people oAO
    Nevermind, this goes to the pile of TBR~


    this is such an out-of-the-box idea, which sounds like it somehow manages not to be too far removed from reality. i’m fascinated, though I’m pretty sure this isn’t my cup of tea; either way, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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