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Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning (6)

5145E5FA-32CA-4941-BE8D-5F94C9BB74B5_2Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning
Micro Brew is hosted by Allie @ Hexen Librarian and its a fun way to promote something you love. On the 1st of each month she’ll give us 2 lots of prompts/questions for the 2 post that month.

Best thing is you can take part when you’re ready! So your answers can go live on the designated days or later on when it suits you best.

To take part all you have to do is tag Allie so she can see your responses, visit Melanie (part of the prompt creation) on twitter, include the header and an explanation, and complete the themed prompt.

March 4th: What book would you die on a hill for? What makes it so special to you? Is there something about it others don’t like? (Obviously, this isn’t here to bash other’s faves, but to acknowledge that you can still like something even if it’s problematic or not a universal fave)

Please note: this post contains summaries from Goodreads and affiliate links to purchase the books; you’ll not be charged any extra when purchasing through these.

I didn’t realise I was going to pick the book I’m going too but I think it’ll have to be Sawkill Girls.

I’ve already done a review on this book but for a quick summary this is everything that I ever wanted in a book. We got the ace/queer/poc rep and female friendships.

It tackles sexual assault, monsters from the unknown, a patriarchy who thinks they know better, and coming to terms with your own power.

Additionally its a horror with a kick ass cover and we 100% need more of these in YA!

20180901_112233a[related post: Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand review]

Purchase from Amazon or Wordery to join me in reading this book.

As with all of these post I plan to not tag anyone specifically as I’d love for as many of you to take part as possible. These posts are perfect for days when you’re having trouble with inspiration and a great way to find out more about other bloggers .

Whats your book that you’ll die on a hill for?
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17 thoughts on “Micro Brew | Spring Cleaning (6)”

  1. I STILL need to read my ARC of this… WHOOPS. It sounds amazing so I have no excuse. Excited for all the good rep!

  2. Damnit! I forgot about this one :o Writing it down right now because so many people I like keep recommending it! Thanks so much for this post (and reminding me!) So psyched for all the rep

  3. I loved the opening of Sawkill Girls but started to feel a little distanced as the story went on, but then again I’m not a fan of horror to start with 😅 but I absolutely agree that the cover and rep are awesome!!

    as for me, I would die on a hill for the Wolves of Mercy Falls books. (Shiver, Linger, and Forever …. I could take or leave Sinner, lol.) technically yes they are about werewolves and they’re romance, but they’re *not like* all those other werewolf romances, okay. there’s no petty relationship drama – though there is a heckin lot of external forces interfering – and Sam and Grace are just so wholesome and I love them.

  4. I’m still thinking which book I wanna pick myself.. i’m planning to do it for the 10th.
    Snooping around for ideas :p

    I’ve seen this book quite alot before, I just never stop to look at it? Only thing that im not sure about is the sexual assault you mentionned… I guess it’d depend how it’s “detailed” or not .. But from what I can see, The girls seems like i’d like them !

  5. I have seen this book a lot lately, but I first want to read Furyborn to see whether I would like the work of this author. Horror is usually not my cup of tea. And I literally don’t know which book I would die on a hill for. Maybe my brain is not really awake yet.

  6. I’m a wimp and can’t do horror, I’ve read a couple of them and I end up just freaking myself out but it’s a shame because this one looks super cool!!! Great choice, if I give horror another shot, I’ll definitely keep this one in mind!

  7. I have seen this literally everwhere! It seems so good, I am starting to get into horror so it might be the perfect time to pick it up!

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