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ARC Review: The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco – #Gifted

The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco
Series: The Bone Witch #3
Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult
Length: 432 pages
Published on 1st March 2019 by Sourcebooks Fire
Purchase: Amazon | TBD
Rin Chupeco: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Review copy received from publishers at YALC

In the highly anticipated finale to the Bone Witch trilogy, Tea’s life—and the fate of the kingdoms—hangs in the balance.
Tea is a bone witch with the dark magic needed to raise the dead. She has used this magic to breathe life into those she has loved and lost…and those who would join her army against the deceitful royals. But Tea’s quest to conjure a shadowglass—to achieve immortality for the one person she loves most in the world—threatens to consume her heart.

Tea’s black heartsglass only grows darker with each new betrayal. And when she is left with new blood on her hands, Tea must answer to a power greater than the elder asha or even her conscience…

Hello to the future.

I’m currently writing this review in August 2018, how wild is that?

I wanted to post this as my first review in 2019 but I realised I should wait a little bit so it is closer to release date. This also means that instead my fave gets to be posted near valentines day.

I was so lucky to see a copy of The Shadowglass at YALC – I almost missed it. But boy am I glad I got to read it early, so thank you so so much to the stand for having a few copies there.

The only downside to being impatient and reading this book so early is that I had no one to scream at about it.

Rin Chupeco you are amazing. Honestly, this series has been such a pleasure to read and I spent one very late night crying my eyes out to this beautiful finale.


I think what made me love this book so much is that in theory we got two endings in one – the ending of the past story of how Tea became banished on that beach alone. And the ending of the overall story in the present that follows the incredibly strong and unruly Tea as she fights to disrupt a system that has been helping keep Dark Asha’s powers limited and leading them to early graves.

Seeing Tea’s strength and growth has been such an incredible journey. I really can not express enough how great its been to see all the pieces of the story come together.

Not only does Rin create a vivid and well thought out Fantasy world, magic system, and incredible beasts. She also includes queer and trans characters with ease.

Yes guys, I am indeed confirming that in this book we get on page confirmation that Likh identifies as a woman, that they’ve had trouble figuring out how they fit in the world, and even go as far to look at if there is any magic to help make their body match how they feel.

I think I pretty much cried every time Likh was on page. This might seem like such an over reaction but we’ve gone on this whole journey with them figuring out their identity and it just really touched me y’know?

I am so sad that this world is over. I know I’m going to have to reread it because it really did leave its mark for me. This world is one I never want to leave. I’d face the daeva, the corrupted, and the faceless alongside Tea any day.

The friends she has by her side were such amazing characters to see grow old.

The path she had to walk, the lies she had to tell, and the truths she had to keep close to complete this journey were so well thought out and executed that I will 100% be recommending this book, no, this series to anyone who will listen to me.

I can’t do my love for this series the justice it deserves!

Right now, my ARC is travelling around the world amongst some of my friends because I was that desperate to have someone to talk too about this brilliant book and I know they’ll all be purchasing a copy to complete their collection.

Update: Its been loved in America and Finland and is now on its way to the Netherlands and Germany.

If you do pick up a new author this year, this is the one for you.

5 stars / 5 stars
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28 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco – #Gifted”

  1. Great review! I grabbed the first book when I had a spare Audible credit and I must listen to it. I really liked the opening chapter. I’ve heard people say the series deserves a lot more praise than it has had so I hope Shadowglass pushes people to pick the rest up. The covers look great together.

  2. I have never read this series but the covers are amazing! I just looked up the summary for the first book and it sounds dark. I like it! Thanks for putting this back on my radar.

  3. BUT NOW YOU GET TO HEAR ME SCREAM ABOUT IT WITH YOU. And you can cry with me again. I’m just not ready though???????? Or maybe I am? Lauren, halp.

    Although right now I’m kind of feeling awkward and awful because I got a copy from Netgalley and um… I found out my request on Edelweiss got approved as well a few days later. o_o (If I knew, I would not have clicked the invite link from Netgalley but the universe is just cruel.)

  4. I love this. I can feel your love for the book and author radiating. I mean August of 2018!? DEDICATION right there. I have these books in my TBR as well and with the upcoming release of the final book, I have to get them books faster! The summary alone is enticing to read. Ahhh! Thank you for doing a review of the book. As a Filipino like the author, I love seeing it being around and loved.

    1. Last night i found an 18second snapchat video where im crying and telling Allie ill send her my copy asap as i need someone to read it and have all these feelings with me bc it was too good. Watching that made me want to reread the whole series haha.

      And no worries at all. My love and posts for Rins work definitely havent come to an end and im 100% sure ill squeal about her work some more

      1. MY GODS. THERE IS A VIDEO. AHHHHHHH! You should probably listen to what your gut is telling you hahaha!

        I AM SUPER BEHIND THUS SUPPORT. (I solemnly swear you won’t be alone for too long. I’ll get to the series the soonest!!)

  5. I’m so sorry you had no one to talk to about this wonderful book last August. So much feels for this! I loved Tea and her adventures. I’m so proud to see what she’d become. One day she just discovered her powers and the next, she’s freaking powerful and making readers cry! I loved Rin’s writing and the way she had woven this majestic world. Now I have to pick up the pieces of my broken (yet happy) heart and write a decent review that would give justice to this book! Awesome review, btw! :)

  6. AHH this trilogy on my TBR like near the top and like there are only two other things that close up on my list I’m like running around in circles I”m so excited to read your review…<> probably going to preorder now

  7. I want to read this series so bad! The plot looks so interesting (and as a bonus the covers are BEAUTIFUL). Great review!

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