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Unboxing The Wicked King Limited Edition Box from OwlCrate

TWCWKBLook no one should be surprised when I say I finished work early the day the OwlCrate Limited Edition Wicked King box went on sale! The cost was more than I’d like to admit for shipping to the UK but its honestly one of the best boxes I’ve purchased.

Honestly we can all blame Toasty for gifting me her OwlCrate copy of The Cruel Prince as that pretty much solidified a purchase of The Wicked King cover to match. At this point if they don’t do one for The Queen of Nothing then I might, I dunno, do something inspired by Jude’s antics.

I know this is a pretty late unboxing but I wanted to make sure enough time had passed that this wouldn’t be a spoiler for anyone! Keep reading to find out what was inside and what I thought of the items.

E X C L U S I V E  C O V E R

The main goodie of this box is a signed first edition of The Wicked King by Holly Black, with the exclusive cover that matches the previous books’ exclusive cover too.

the wicked king exclusive coverWhilst I adore the regular covers for this series I can not deny my love for the colours used within these covers too.

It also included a letter from Holly to us which is definitely something I adore about book boxes as they make areally nice keepsake item.

The day the box arrived was a day I wanted to do nothing but dive straight into the book, it was my most anticipated book of 2019 afterall. Instead I was good and finished up some other reads first.

And then devoured it in two sittings!

The Wicked King was easily my favourite read of January and I can’t wait to find the energy to get a full review written up.


There wasn’t a single item in this box that I hated. Its been a long time since I though that about a subscription box. As I opened and went through the box its instantly super clear how much time and effort went into making such a high quality collection of items, I really was impressed!

Full Item List:
– Leather, oak wood, and moss candle from Alchemy and Ink
– Acorn necklace
– Faerie fruit tea (everapple & elderflower) from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe*
– Gem soap from Leeloo Soaps
– A cotton scarf designed by Bookmark’d Tattoos (backdrop in the images)
– Zipper pouch designed by Reverie and Ink
– Double sided bookmark from Indigo Eleven
– Art print of Jude and Cardan by Melanie Bourgeois
Exclusive enamel pin from That’s Lovely Dear
– Enamel pin from Little, Brown Publishing

*not photographed because I forgot I had already moved it to the tea cupboard.

I think its clear I already loved this box but I’ll talk about a few of them in a little more detail!

My least favourite is the acorn necklace, its such a small charm that its really hard to tell what it is without looking closely.

My favourite items are the scarf which I’ve already worn out a whole bunch, the zipper bag which is larg eenough to fit Tombow pens in straight (!!!!!!!), and the enamel pin that Chami created! I’ve honestly received compliments on all three.

I’ve yet to actually try the tea but fruity tea is my favourite kind so I’m sure I’ll love it. The candle however might become a decoration piece simply because its so large and smells great!

crown pin created by Chami @ That’s Lovedly Dear

I think that covers this box pretty well! I’d definitely consider an OwlCrate limited edition box again given its the right author.

Have you read The Wicked King yet?
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19 thoughts on “Unboxing The Wicked King Limited Edition Box from OwlCrate”

  1. heck yes to matching covers! if I kept more than a handful of print books (and I will, someday when I’m not dealing with moving at the end of every school year!) I would absolutely do the same lol. and dang, that cover is indeed gorgeous, as is everything else 😍

    bookish subscription boxes aren’t in my budget right now (oh how I wish they were, though), but they’re definitely something I want … probably after I graduate and get a stable job, lol.

  2. I was so impressed by this box too! I had missed the V.E. Schwab one last time, so I was determined to manage this one. I even set an alarm.

    I really loved the quality of these boxes and the imagination in the goods. I’ve seen book boxes where they were just like “here’s a bookmark and some pencils that say a Harry Potter thin on them”, but with Owl Crate boxes I don’t think I’ve ever felt let down.

  3. Ohh that that thing that has the “it is war we will give her” thingy is so precious !! (What is it?? Id guess the bookmark but.. then there’s another one..) also that gem soap would be fantastic for bookish pictures ! I’d probably couldn’t use it though ahah

  4. That edition is wonderful! Plus, I’m really eyeing the bookmark! I recently finished this book ITSSS SO GOOD!

  5. I’ve always wondered if an Owl Crate was worth it. It gets a lot of hype and yeah its completely beautiful to see on instagram. But my concern is with the price would I make any use of any of the items.

    I loved your post and how you add each item and their use. Its makes the difference.

  6. It looks like a great box. The scarf and necklace are both lovely! I was going to buy this box but it sold out so fast! Though I am not surprised as people have being going crazy over the exclusive covers. I’m glad the box was worth it as I know shipping is a killer :)

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