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Gail has entered the game | Introducing a new contributor

Introducing GailIntroducing Gail | new contributor to Northern Plunder
Hey guys before I hand over this post to Gail, and the blog every now and then, I thought it’d be great to give some background information.

Having other people guest post or contribute to this blog is something I’ve been looking into for a while, and after launching Blogs and Tea I got talking with Gail. They currently use Tumblr to blog, and so I proposed the idea of guest posting here to an existing audience for them to try out WordPress as a platform should they decide to make the move over here. So I expect a nice warm welcome to them!

I’m really excited for you to see what Gail has been writing for you as I think they provides a great contrast as they enjoy writing discussion pieces and read different genres than I do. We also have a shared interest in diversity, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Their posts will go live on Thursdays, blue instead of purple will be used for any background colours, and their information will be at the bottom of their posts.

Get to know Gail

Hey y’all! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m really excited about being here! I’ve been debating getting a more straightforward blog for about two years, and so I really hope that this will work out!

You’re probably pronouncing my name wrong. For the record: it’s pronounced like Kyle, with a hard G.

Important things to know about me, let’s see… I’m Jewish, neurodivergent, and queer probably covers most of it. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was seven and am a staunch advocate of the Oxford comma. I’m currently studying Film & TV at university, hopefully with a focus on screenwriting. And I read. A lot. Like, a lot. So I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts, because I have a lot of them.

My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter, and I know that’s cliché, but I’m not the type of person to change my answer just because it’s cliché. I love fantasy, sci-fi, queer rep, Jewish rep, and any book that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also try to read outside my comfort zone sometimes, as you’ll probably see soon. I hope you’ll enjoy my content.

Some good posts

These are some posts from my tumblr you might be interested in. Some of them are in essay form, some of them are answers to asks, some of them are very short. Most of them deal with antisemitism in a way that probably won’t come up here, but might come up if I ever start my own WordPress. So… here we go.

The Holocaust Movie and the Goy
How to Read
– “we should punch Nazis
masterpost for the cultural Christianity controversy
the spelling of antisemitism (it’s a pet peeve)
book recs for pride month (look at the notes/replies for additional recs)
bias in psychology
a reminder
the term judeo-christian is antisemitic
“reclaiming” the swastika??
should we support racist Jews
summary of antisemitism
Buffy Summers’ Depression
Jews keep talking about the Holocaust!
is watching wonder woman implicit support of fascism? (no, it isn’t)

Gail around the web
general blog | book blog | twitter | bookstagram | goodreadsavatar_12d1dc1a698b_128

Do you have any questions for Gail?

41 thoughts on “Gail has entered the game | Introducing a new contributor”

  1. welcome Gail! I’ve found the transition from Tumblr to WordPress to be pretty intuitive (though I’m still a bit frustrated that I can’t modify my free WP theme like I could on Tumblr), so I hope the change is a relatively easy one for you too 💖

    oh, and yes to the Oxford comma. my high school journalism teacher is shaking his head right now, but you can pry the Oxford comma out of my cold dead hands.

  2. hello Gail, welcomeeee *passes hot beverage of choice* Honestly I think I peeked into Tumblr maybe two or three times in my 18 years of life so far, and noped out. It just confused me…like thoroughly confuses me Tumblr does.

    Ooooo screenwriting, are you focusing on screenwriting with the intent of writing your own scripts? *muses* Screenwriting appeals to me for the fact that it’s a different way to get across a story.

    1. I first made my Tumblr account when I was 12. I just turned 21 on Thursday, which means that I’m nearing *nine years* on that God-forsaken platform. It is what it is, but I’m used to it.
      Focus on screenwriting means writing your own scripts, yes! I still have to get accepted into that track (the three tracks are: producing, screenwriting, theory, and the only one you don’t have to get accepted to once you’ve been accepted to the program at large is theory). But I love writing, and I love TV, and I would absolutely love to create something visual.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! It’s really more of the bones of it rather than the whole thing, but I’m really proud of it.

  3. Welcome Gail! I still haven’t made the transition from Tumblr to WordPress. Well.. Now it’s just Tumblr ánd WordPress, but Tumblr is like way waaaaay ahead of me *shudders when seeing remnants of the Mishapocalypse*

    1. Genuinely not even that much of a grammar nerd! It’s just that I worked as a translator for a bit, and the rule in Hebrew is specifically to AVOID it, and there were so many unnecessary confusions!

      1. What? Really? I had no idea that there was a rule to avoid it. I always go back to the JFK, Stalin, and the strippers example when people ask why the Oxford Comma is important.

      2. It’s genuinely so important, I agree with you. The Hebrew Language Academy (or whatever it’s called in English) is publicly mocked in Israel, but also, many publications follow its rules. Plus you have to follow them on your exams.

  4. Hi Gail! Welcome aboard the WordPress train! I’ve found it relatively similar to Tumblr, although there was a bit of a learning curve for me, haha. I love the Oxford comma, so I was bummed to learn I would have to kick it out of my system with the AP Stylebook (damn it). 😭

  5. Hi Gail, welcome! I studied Nazi Germany and The Holocaust at degree level so am keen to check out your previous posts. Looking forward to reading your future posts too, and I also love the Oxford Comma!

    1. Belated thank you! I’m still figuring out this platform, I think I’m not getting all the notifications I’m supposed to.
      My Holocaust posts / Jewish posts in general aren’t written from the point of view of an expert, but they are written from a place of knowledge. This is stuff I live every day. The Holocaust gets an entire semester in HS in Israel, along with an accompanying trip to Poland (our school opted to take us on a trip around Israel to various institutions instead). I don’t think they should be examined with an academic eye; I’m more of a storyteller than an academic. Reading them with that in mind will get more out of them.

      1. I look forward to reading them, often storytelling points of view are far more interesting than academic. While academic aspects are important for research, it’s definitely easier to connect with the knowledge from a non academic viewpoint.

    1. Belated thank you! I’m still figuring out this platform, I think I’m not getting all the notifications I’m supposed to.

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