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State of the ARC | November

State of the ARC |

Don’t forget to visit Ava’s posts as she is the host of this great monthly check in with our review copies.

I’m back and mostly on time with this months, I’ll follow the same layout as last time as I rather liked the simpler format.

Earlier I made a spreadsheet to help me keep track of things and be able to update my graph easier and right now I can’t work out heads or tails of it because I’ve messed up keeping track so no graph this time as I’m honestly just a bit lost.

However, I started to use Kals spreadsheet for next year so once I’ve finished sorting through my bookshelves and have this filled in 100% I will go back to spreadsheets. Right now though I’m lost.

So lets see what reviews I managed to get posted in the last month.. No! Lets not. Don’t do it. I don’t want to make this post any more…

Fearscape #2 by Ryan O’Sullivan ⭐⭐⭐ | Forsaken Genesis by MJ Marinescu ⭐ | Unnatural, vol 1 by Mirka Andolfo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Click the titles to see my thoughts on them.

and that was it. However I did also review them all so *pat on the back* for staying n top of my reviews.

State-of-the-ARC-bingo-sheetThe Bingo sheet was for any ARCs read from June onwards so using what I’d already finished I filled in some squares last time. What I read in November provides no changes though.

However I did also pick up a small amount of review copies this month too

Luke Cage: Everyman | Empress of All Seasons | Viper | Return to Dyatlov Pass

Click titles to see Goodreads pages.

Receiving a message from Anythony Del Col which complimented one of my reviews as he wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in his work was literally the highlight of my month. Its possible I screamed. & thats how I ended up with Luke Cage: Everyman which I’m actually reading as I type this.

Empress of All Seasons was offered from the publishers, Viper was sent to my store from the publishers – with a mug and tea bag so I now finally have a mug at work – and Return to Dyatlov Pass was from the author herself, who made me equally as scream happy by sending a physical copy my way as I’ve entered an ebook hate spell.

I guess I have to try a bit harder for December to read more because the past two months have been pretty absimal.

But I am like part way through a lot of books so maybe I have read more than it looks like but y’know not finished! How did November go for you?

How are you doing with your ARCs?
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11 thoughts on “State of the ARC | November”

  1. I’m failing with my ARCs from Netgalley 😅 But it’s my fault I shouldn’t have requested or downloaded so many last year. I probably should start doing this as well. Maybe it helps me to focus more on reading my Netgalley ARCs.

  2. Hey you reviewed them, huge pat on the back!! I have too many to get through 😂 I’m not requesting anymore until I’m caught up!

  3. I can’t get graphs or anything like that to work on my Kindle Fire so I just have a blank blog post with all my ARCs listed by due dates. When I read and review a book I colour its text purple until the blog publishes, then I delete the entry. Overdues get coloured red. I need to keep stuff very simple ;-)

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