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ARC Review: Forsaken Genesis by M.J. Marinescu

Forsaken Genesis by M.J. Marinescu
Series: Deluge Prophecies #1
Genre: Cyberpunk | Young Adult
Length: 353 pages
Published on 29th September 2018 by Tellwell
Purchase: Amazon | TBD
M.J. Marinescu: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
eCopy recieved in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis:The world has changed in more ways than one. Most humans live in the safety of the hive cities, massive industrial complexes walled off to the outside world. Yet, the dangers of the wilds are no longer limited to the outskirts. Rumours abound of strange things in the night. Sightings of subhumans and citizens being abducted, whisked off by men in vans or worse. The Department of Control keeps a close eye on the citizens of Avalon but who are they protecting?

Melissa thought the world outside the facility would be safe. Free from the pain and the incessant tests of the men in white coats but what she finds is a world unknown. Fleeting memories call to her like a siren song pleading for her to remember. Can she figure out her strange dreams and the shadowed figure who hounds her in her sleep? She must discover who she is and come to terms with the truth that may have been kept from her for good reason if she hopes to survive in this strange new world.

This is definitely a weird review to write…

It is worth noting I didn’t finish this book, I ended up stopping at 25%, but I think its worth saying why.

The opening prologue for this book I loved! I read it and was excited to read more; the characters voice and setting were interesting.

I wanted to know more. (You can read the section I’m talking about here)

However the next many chapters are from someone else’s point of view and I wasn’t really a fan of this.

Whilst there were elements of Melissa’s story that I enjoyed and wanted to keep reading to find out about, the writing really didn’t gel with me. I think there were too many things that happened that were just too perfect for her initial survival that it didn’t feel genuine to read.

Additionally her voice felt off. Like it could do with a bit more editing?

As I kept reading John came back into it, the guy from the prologue, and that got my hope up a little but we soon returned back to Melissa and her plan to find out whats going on? Just hand herself back over the bad guys but as a “trainee”.

I wish I had the time/interest to keep reading because there is something up with Melissa, she has powers – or at least others have acknowledge she does – and the setting of two communities I would’ve loved to know more about.

Unfortunately after struggling for over a month I decided to move on.

However, its definitely worth noting that I am the only person to rate this lower than 4 stars so perhaps it just wasn’t for me? Perhaps I was the issue here?

If you read it please let me know what happens! :)

2 stars / 5 stars
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7 thoughts on “ARC Review: Forsaken Genesis by M.J. Marinescu”

  1. I was offered this to review, but I wasn’t keen and I’m glad I didn’t go for it now! I mean the cover is purple tho 😂

    1. Thank you! :)
      This is why I think negative reviews are important too because if you just saw my 1 star rating you might avoid it but I hope I’ve explained enough that people might still consider this book

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