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Steam Wishlist Clean Up (15)

When the Steam Summer Sales were almost starting Tecsie decided to clean up their Steam wishlist a little bit by writing a Steam Wishlist Clean Up post which was inspired by Lia’s Down the TBR Hole book blogger meme.

I really liked this idea and asked Tecsie if I could take part too so here I am. Though with a slight difference, Tecsie managed to go through a lot more of her wishlist in one go. I already know that will not be the case for me. So you’ll likely see a few of these.

Sit back, enjoy, and browse some video games with me.

Starting Point: 170

Two weeks ago I said I’d be back to posting this again weekly and then totally forgot to schedule any more bar one. So lets try that again, hey?

Rime is a beautiful exploration puzzle game which a fox guides you through. It looks like something I could get behind, plus it has acheivements, so I’ll keep it up but its not a priority.

AER Memories of Old looks equally as beautiful and is also an exploration based game. Inthis one you can turnin a burd ti explore the world which is built up of floating islands. The colour palette is also amazing. Yup we’re keeping this.

I can see why I added Pyre to my wishlist as it looks cool and is made by the same people who made Bastion which I really enjoyed but found difficult and didn’t finish it. Upon watching the gameplay trailers I decided this isn’t a game I would play effeciently tbh.

Paws: A Shelter 2 game is 100% staying. I think I’ve spoke about their games before but I love them and the art style . They’re so cute and gentle. I need all of this companies games tbh.

So I’ve “played” all of the Nekopara games that I have but Nekopara OVA is an anime and its £24~ and I didn’t actually care for the story that much and am I really gonna spend that much money for catgirls with bouncy boobs? No.

I have no recolation of Tokyo Dark… but its a horror visual novel with a female protagonist. It also has very positive reviews so we’ll keep it!

The Path is uh visually not something I’d usually look twice at so I’m very unsure how it got here. It also doesn’t have any achievements so bye.

Elex is a handcrafted role-playing experience… set in a brand new post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy universe that puts players in a huge seamless game world full of original characters, mutad creatures, deep moral choices, and powerful action” – I can definitely see how this appeals to me, and to be honest it still does. But lets be real this is a game that I’m gonna sink some time into and when I still haven’t finished other massive open world RPG’s I have and this isn’t the cleanest of looking games I’ll have to pass. For now.

For the very same reasons I’ll skip  on Final Fantasy XV too. I’m not going to forget this series exists so its very easy for me to decide to buy one if I so wish. It doesn’t need to be on my wishlist.

Last section for today! Yonder comes to me highly recommended by Tecsie and I love how cute this looks. It seems like such a fun and stress free game to play so I’m keeping it.

During the last sale my boyfriend bought me Plantera because it was very cheap and he knew it was something I’d devour. The same company made Cattails in which you becom e a cat! You get to hunt for food, fight invading cats, explore to gather herbs, and socialise with other cats. Added bonus is you can get married and raise a family too. This sounds ridiculous but I want it.

The last two Far From Noise and That Dragon Cancer were recommendations I added to my wishlist from Angharad’s post on Two Book Thieves. I had already played Gone Home from that post and bought and finished A Normal Love Phone because of it too! As I loved both of these I definitely want to check out the other two she recommended.

Stats at the end of this post

Priority: 3 / 13
Keep: 5 / 13
Remove: 5 / 13
Steam Wishlist total: 128

I honestly have to do better at posting this weekly! Let me know if you’ve heard of any of these games and what you think of them?

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7 thoughts on “Steam Wishlist Clean Up (15)”

  1. aww paws looks so cute !! I need to see what this one is about !

    ouuuh!! yonder make me thinks of stardew valley & harvest moon, honestly. the art is so adorable. this one got added to my wishlist!!

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